Indie iOS Apps You May Never Have Heard Of

1) Golf Lessons


Golf Lessons - With Jay Golden iOS App

‘Golf Lessons – With Jay Golden’ is my own latest app in which Jay Golden, a PGA professional with 35 years of teaching and playing experience gives 14 valuable lessons in the game of golf.

Jay has starred on TV, has written numerous articles on the game and has contributed to golfing books also. In this app he advises on swing styles, playing out of bunkers and putting, amongst many other areas in golf. Jay has worked alongside many well known professionals in the game.

This app ideally would suit beginners to the game of golf, to underpin and enhance real life lessons.


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2) Track&Field


Deluxe Track&Field by Sunlight Games has a wealth of different track & field events.

You can take part in the long jump, pole vault, javelin throw, hammer throw, triple jump and a lot more. The game has a retro feel to it which makes the game even more unique. There is even a multiplayer mode so that you can go up against your friends to see who will emerge as champion. There are 28 achievements to unlock as you improve your track & field skills and record. Why not take your athletic skills to the arena of the Game Center? Are you up for the challenge?

There are several difficulty levels, so if you find yourself becoming a finger tapping, legendary iOS athlete you can up the difficulty level to really test your abilities!


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3) Assassin’s Castle


Icon for Assassin's Castle - castles gameStep back into the 12th century, during the reign of Ibn Sabbah to serve as a protector for the castle of Alamut. A great castles game.

To do your duty as protector of the castles you must first undergo training to evade such hazards as axes and kernels. You must also hone your treasure seeking skills to uncover treasures and artifacts.

There are 45 levels within the game with an interesting twist . . . 15 of these levels take place in darkness, where you must rely on the light of a flame to navigate around whilst battling with enemies.

The game only costs under $1.  So, put on your armour and steady your sword, to prepare for your enemys’ plots and plans to destroy your precious castles . . .

Assassin’s Castle 2 HD Screenshots:


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4) Caveball

Caveball game iconCaveball, by renkmobil is a game set in prehistoric times and is a fresh take on bubble shooting style games.

There are 45 levels in campaign mode with 5 different world stages. The game is challenging with bonus balls to aim for. Score attack mode is challenging and you can compete in the leader boards for the highest score.

To play you must drag your finger over your caveman to aim and put momentum into the shot. Nice graphics and feel to this game!


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5) BohoGuides


Icon for bohoGuides - The ultimate travel guide‘bohoGuides’ is an app where you can download over 1000 maps offline. It’s the ultimate travel guide!

Many updates have been made to this app in the new ‘Offline Map  + travel guides ? bohoGuides’ 3.0.1 version, with the biggest update being Maps + GPS localisation. This is a universal app and has retina display support and over 200,000 guides have already been downloaded by users.

Currently, bohoGuides is ranked in 15th place on ‘What’s Hot’ in the ‘Travel’ category of the US App Store. This app has become a real hit with users who want the ease of viewing travel guides whilst offline in this comprehensive travel guide.

Particularly impressive is the bohoGuides Facebook Page which has some interesting and amusing pictures and travel experiences from around the world. Including a bizarre cactus that will make you feel real ‘shock and awe’ and a guy carrying a wheelbarrow on his head whilst riding a bicycle. This well-maintained Facebook social fan page will no doubt be a great place for people using bohoGuides to share their experiences and adventures.

Remember that you get what you pay for in this really useful app. All bohoGuides are free once you download the app, no more payments needed. Just think of the $s you’ll save on bulky travel books weighing down your luggage and giving you back problems. Perhaps travel guide books will become a thing of the past as the bohoGuides travel guide continues to evolve?

bohoGuides Screenshots:

Screenshots for bohoGuides


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6) Best Travel Offline Maps

Travel Guide App IconLightfighter Labs offline travel app has reached the #1 spot in the travel app section in 18 countries so far.

This offline travel map app is an app where once you’ve paid for the app, that’s it, all offline maps are free from then on to download. You don’t have to be online either, as once you have downloaded the maps with an internet connection, you can just go offline and all the maps are there to use  to your heart’s content – offline.

The developer is trying hard to hold up a really good customer service with this app. If a map is not available that you really need, you just need to email the developer and they’ll do their utmost to try and include the maps that you need. Get rid of paper maps that are bulging out of your pockets and rucksack, there is no need to use paper maps anymore with this app. If the promo codes run out, never mind as this app just requires a single payment at a very low cost. I personally like apps where you pay for what you get without in-app purchases and ads popping up left, right and centre.

There are no slow downloading times with maps as you use them offline. This app is convenient to take on holiday with you, with the added support of the developers really going out of their way to supply any maps that you need.

Best Travel Offline Maps Screenshots:

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7) Ringtone DJ Pro

Ringtone DJ Pro IconAre you bored with standard ringtones? Do you want to customise and produce fantastic ringtones based on your exact requirements? Then check out ‘Rongtone DJ Pro’ by AppAnnex.

Sometimes it can take ages to find the right ringtone and when you get a ringtone it might not be exactly what you were looking for. You need no longer scratch around for ringtones anymore. This is the first app of its kind where you can create a completely customised ringtone. In fact, you can choose any song from your playlist, add further enhancements and ‘hey presto’ you have a ringtone which people will be asking “Where did you get that awesome ringtone” – to which you can reply . . . “I made it myself.” How cool is that!

You can even customise your SMS alerts, voicemail messages, email alert messages and other alerts as well as creating your own ringtone!

So, let’s say you’ve homed in on a tune you love in your playlist . . . what can you do then? Well, an vast array of things! Such as scratch effects (imagine that on a ‘Sound Of Music’ track 🙂  ) Pitch, delay, low pass filters, high pass filters, sound recording, set start and finish durations and more. Plus the ability to email the ringtone to yourself or friends to share.

Does this app sound fun or what! Bags of fun in fact!

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8) Octacube


Octacube Icon‘Octacube’ by Eyal Revivo is ideal for puzzle game fanatics, where the objective is to free the octacube.

There are plenty of interesting objects and effects in the game, such as re-spawning blocks, teleports, explosive blocks, conveyors and even lasers to navigate around on your quest for freedom.

The beautiful 3d graphics in the game are amazing, whilst keeping a retro feel to the game at the same time. You can even set the board colour to a board colour of your liking. I like the look of the graphics as they remind me of the era of Tron games and other retro games where the LED type luminous graphics jump out at you.

There are 45 challenging levels to get through with no in-app purchases. With this app you get what you pay for, so it is a bargain, considering that this game is only priced at under $1.

Be warned! This game is additive and will suck up your time, filling your free time with ingenious puzzles to test your abilities.

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Octacube Preview Video

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