Impossible Road

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The Impossible Road is an insane game that is simply a must-have for an iOS gamer. Everything from the simplistic but elegant graphics to the color scheme and soundtrack is a perfect example of what a game should be. It’s no surprise that this game was the best App Store of 2013 or that its amassed such a huge cult-following!

Mission Accomplished

This game nails the thrill of playing an endless “beat-your-own-record” game. Flying off of the track doesn’t always mean doom because you might be able to land on the track again. If you fall for too long though your screen will begin to turn white, and if you still haven’t landed then the game will end.

Room to improve

I know this sounds like a dumb idea, but it would be awesome if you could challenge your friends in real-time. I mean like actually see their balls alongside yours while racing [there was no way to say this in a way that didn’t sound dirty].

But definitely, a multiplayer system would be a great addition to this game.


For $1.99 you might think this game is a bit expensive. Trust me, it’s really worth it. The Impossible Road is just the right amount of frustrating and addicting to keep the game from never getting old. Why play games like “Flappy Bird” when you could be riding insane levels with your big white ball?

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Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Size: 114.76M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.13506 by 733 customers.
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