Impeccable 5 Iphone Apps for Students

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Smartphones have become integral parts of our daily lives without which there would be immense confusion.

Not only do these gadgets make it possible to keep in touch through diverse methods but also make life easier through impeccable problem solving and life changing apps. For those students with Iphones, they understand that there are applications which come in handy enabling them to be more organized in the busy college life.

They even function better than personal assistants. According to a study contacted by Ball State in the year 2010, it was evident that approximately 99.8 % of students owned mobile phones. It is with this realization that more and more applications are being developed. Smartphone heavyweights Apple reported in January that there are more than 20,000 apps which have been developed purposely for education.

The top best 5 Iphone apps for students is a just an icing on the cake on the thousands of applications available for students. With an ever increasing demand for smartphones and change in technology, the list of top 5 Iphone apps for students will keep changing. However, these applications will keep assisting students in: Managing their time, organizing their notes and balancing their bills
Some of these incredible top 5 Iphone apps for students include:

iStudiez Pro

Acting as a digital hub in a student’s academic life, this is an imperative application for those students who are attempting to effectively manage their full schedules. This app has five core areas which enables the student to plan on study sessions, prioritize on assignments depending on their importance among other incredible functions. In addition, it can also track the student’s grades and GPA hence enabling the student to monitor academic progress.


Using one method of study can be disastrous at times. With free digital flashcards, this second app among the5 Iphone apps for students gives students diverse ways to study their course material. Once a student has chosen or created a new flashcard, they are given four study methods with two flashcard games for entertainment.


Available on both IPhone and IPad, this app enables students to keep up with the professors’ lectures without missing out on the classroom material. With this application, students can therefore record audio, take video notes or even take text, create image slides and handouts. More so, students can later share these materials with their colleagues via Facebook or iTunes.


Organization is an important virtue for every student. iProcrastinate is an application which allows a student to plan his or her things to-do lists or tasks by listing sequentially the steps they will take to complete the latter. It also enables users to set priority for certain tasks.


Using Outliner, students can be able to organize their notes, tasks or projects and also create and edit their outlines. This last of the 5 Iphone apps for students has an editor toll enabling you to make quick changes to the documents you create.

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  1. Studying on phone is much more interesting than studying with paper or laptop. You can also take out your phone to study anytime, anywhere. I haven’t tried all of apps you mentioned above, but I would like to suggest to you Superflashcard by They have apps for many languages and exams on all kinds of platform.

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