How To Set Up A VPN On Your Iphone

While there is an adage that says a man is only as good as his tools, in the world of ever-evolving technology, the way that your use your tools can be as equally as important.

When it comes to safety and security using the internet from your iPhone, it can be easy to become somewhat relaxed about security in the face of advanced accessibility.  However, if you are frequently connecting to the internet using public networks and WI-FI hotspots, you might want to consider making your mobile tool more effective and secure with an iPhone VPN.

Virtual private networks are increasingly in demand for people accessing the internet from their mobile devices, including iPhones.  There are many VPN services that are available to you that are easy to install and use and that are also affordable.

How A VPN Protects You

Initially, VPNs were primarily used for people to access networks remotely.  This was generally used by people to access business networks remotely from their home computer and then, as mobile devices developed, from their phones, iPads and laptops when traveling.  As the accessibility to the internet has broadened and expanded via Wi-Fi hotspots, virtual private networks are now also widely used to protect mobile users when browsing the internet.  It does this by creating a secure tunnel for the data your device is sending and then encrypting this information.  By re-routing this information via the virtual network and encrypting the data, you are protected from anyone else seeing this information or hacking into your network.

Setting Up A VPN On Your iPhone

When it comes to setting up a VPN on your iPhone you will find that you have a choice of what protocols to use.  Protocols are the technologies that enable the virtual private network to be created.  Protocols supported by iPhone include Cisco IPSec VPN, PPTP (Point-to-Poiint Tunelling Protocol) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol).

To configure a VPN, go to you Network menu and tap VPN, then tap VPN Configuration and select one of the protocols described above.  Your service provider will have given you configuration settings, including any account names, passwords, required certification and server information.  Fill in this information and follow instructions until complete.  Once completed, you can turn the VPN on or off by selecting these options in your Settings menu.  You can also choose to have the VPN automatically enabled whenever you are connecting to the internet.

Choosing A Provider

As with internet service providers, there are many service providers out there vying for your business.  Although there are some free services, it is best that you pay for this service for a more quality product.  Rates vary from provider to provider and are generally charged on a monthly or annual basis.  When assessing what provider to go with, seek out customer feedback to gauge ease-of-use, how good the support services offered are, value for money and also reliability.  Many IT publications have conducted assessments of the varying services and can help you to identify the best configuration for your purposes and the best and most effective VPN for your iphone.

Feeling Safe

The prolific growth of WI-FI access does not mean you should ever let down your guard when it comes to internet security.  With so much of our lives incorporating the tools of technology, the breadth and depth of information that is stored in our devices is extensive.  Do not give anyone the opportunity to access sensitive information, passwords and account information.  Protecting your tools with a VPN can also mean protecting yourself.

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