How Does Space Warp Time?

Does space warp time?

Imagine walking down the street one day and then finding a very cute house at the end of the road. . .

Observing the house from the outside, you already picture the inside like a life-sized dollhouse with small and cute stuff fitted for petite people. Then you decided to walk through the door and realized that the inside was actually of a mansion-like size! The house was actually much bigger in the inside and all of your ideas about small living room, kitchen, dining area, etc. were instantly gone because you are faced with giant furniture pieces, a cavernous living room, thirteen large bedrooms and a restaurant-like kitchen. Does it ring a bell? YES! An Alice in Wonderland Experience and a concrete example of warped space and time! Surprisingly, the Alice in Wonderland experience is not just plain fiction because Albert Einstein was actually one of the first geniuses who came up with the idea that space could warp time.

Time warp is one of the many life mysteries that people keep on mulling about. It is a recent concept that theorizes the occurrence of distortion and discontinuity in the timeâ??s flow that can possibly move events from one period to another. It is the closest science fiction that can jive with the idea of time machine inventions. For the past years, the topic that time warps do exist in space has sparked controversy in the limitations of science.

Albert Einstein suggested the possibility that space could warp time or form black holes that when explored could take a person or an object to a different dimension-something that science has yet to explain as of the moment. So how does space warp time? To give you a clearer view of the picture, I would explain how this occurrence exists. It is believed that there is a certain area where electronic and magnetic forces are altered in such a way that it creates a sporadic energy force-field. This force field is a result of a very fast circular motion that forms a tunnel at the center. When an object enters such field, its structure is altered, thus projecting the object to another place and time-speed. The branch of science that covers such occurrence is quantum physics.

Wikipedia explains it this way, â??According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, when a body of mass “m” and volume “V” (each length of “l”) moves with a velocity “v”, then many changes take place in is physical appearance. Its length decreases and mass increases. These factors keep on increasing and decreasing with the increase in velocity. When the body reaches the speed of light “c”, the length becomes zero, mass becomes infinite and time factor vanishes. In other words, no time passes inside the event horizon of the moving body. In this way, the body sometimes takes irregular shapes and covers a distance of millions of light years in no time, because the passage of time for that moving body is vanished. During this process, the body is said to be moving with a time-warp speed.â?

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Space, time and the speed of light video explanation

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