How a Slot Machine Works

Slot machine tech

The way slot machines were designed to operate several decades ago was very different than the way they are constructed today.

The original machines had handles or levers placed on one side, which was usually the right side. This lever was pulled in a downward fashion to activate the wheels inside which were spring loaded. The original design using the exterior side lever or arm gave rise to the machines being nicknamed one arm bandits. The basic game play on these machines was limited to the spinning reels with colored symbols painted on them. If symbols matched in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row, players could win a jackpot. When a jackpot was hit, the machine would light up, bells would sound and the cash would tumble out of the bottom as coins.

Today’s slot machines are designed as electronic devices. This construction allows for more variety in the slot games available to play as well as more wide spread use of the machines. Modern casino slot games can be played online at sites such as These machines are virtual in nature, but can be just as exciting and addicting as the physical ones found in traditional casinos. The slot machine games available at this live casino online will usually pay out real cash amounts by depositing the winnings into the members account.

The virtual slot machine games can be played by using a computer mouse to select the options available. These options include how much the player wants to bet by how many lines they want to play. Choosing the maximum bet option will cover all of the possible matches and will use the most amount of money to play. Once the plat options are chosen, the player simply clicks on the start button to set the spinning bars in motion. The online slot machines can have either three of five reels with symbols pertaining to the theme of the machine.

The technology used to create the virtual digital slot machines on the Internet has also been incorporated into the machines found in real casinos. Instead of drawing down the lever to start the reels spinning, players push a button. While the reels inside the machine might appear as though they were real, they are actually digital images displayed on a screen. Digital slot machines can offer bonuses such as free spin rounds or additional bonus games for extra points.

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