Great reasons for having a pay as you go phone

Pay As You Go

Mobile phones have definitely become one of the most important gadgets in modern life. They are the fastest mode of communication that one can have. Mobile phone manufacturers are constantly researching and developing different kinds of mobile phones loaded with superb technologies to make communication an easy process.

New mobile phones are launched on a regular basis. Every company wants to grab a share of the huge mobile phone market. Perhaps because of this, customers can generally get confused with which mobile phone they should go for and which deal is the most beneficial for them. According to the experts, Pay as You Go is the best option customers can go for under these circumstances.

Pay as You Go phones offer a lot of benefits to customers. The first and the most important point is these phones are available at affordable rates that make it quite easy for the customers to own them.

No Bills

Customers have no need to worry about receiving a massive bill at the end of the month as they would with a monthly contract deal. They also do not need to have a good credit record as there is no credit extended to the customer.

Customers have to pay only according to the usage of their mobile phone under a Pay as You Go plan. There are several companies offering the best possible deals to attract the customers towards their products. Nokia Pay as You Go phones are the most popular ones because these are backed with top class after sales services.

Mobile phone companies like Vodafone are also trying hard to provide better after sales service to their customers and are coming up with new plans. Cut-throat competition among the service providers has made them start to offer a number of free gifts with their mobile phones to attract their targeted customers. Pay as You Go phones usually come with a small amount of credit balance to get them started but not allow the customers to use its services beyond the provided amount.

Free Minutes

These phones can also come with a lot of other benefits like free texts, free minutes, free gifts and a lot more. It also allows you to top up your credit so you can enjoy a continual service.

Pay as You Go Phones are useful for people who do not use phones very much. Companies like LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung offer an extensive array of Pay as You Go Phones to their customers. All of these companies allow their users to talk for hours without worrying about the balance. Pay as You Go Phones are definitely the best option for those who worry about large bills and who want to be in control of their phone spending.

Phil Turner thinks iPhone 4 pay as you go prices are crazy and was amazed to find that networks charge more for a network-tied phone than you can buy a sim-free one for.


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