Tic Toc Timers

Tic Toc Timers is an application created by Sliday Ltd. It is free and available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This app is truly extraordinary when it comes to productivity software. Tic Toc Timers allows you to run multiple timers for different tasks so that youâ??re always on top of your goals.

Each page can hold up to six timers on it. Timers can be added to a page with their own custom icon. Timer icons do not only help you remember what youâ??re timing yourself on, but also have their own alarm sound. The unique icons and alarms make it easy for you to remember what you need to do when the timer is up.

You could add a cup icon timer to remind yourself to get a cup of coffee with a friend tomorrow, an egg timer to remind you about the food you need to buy at the store when you get home, and a phone icon to remind you to call your friend later.

When an alarm goes off youâ??ll see the icon and hear the specific sound, so youâ??ll quickly be reminded what you need to do. This application takes the Get Things Done system to the next level by allowing you to manage not only reminders, but also time for tasks you need to complete.

Mission Accomplished

Multiple pages of timers let you time a lot of tasks at a time. With over 20 different timer icons you can also rest assured you wonâ??t run out of meaningful timers.

Room to improve

It would be nice if you could add notes to timers for free. If you buy the egg timer through the in-app purchase you can add a food list to it.


Since this app is free itâ??s definitely worth a try. If you like getting things done or always forget things, then Tic Toc Timers is a great solution for keeping yourself on task.

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