Get More from your Phone: Extending your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Itâ??s fair to say smartphones are pretty cool. The ability to access the internet and various smartphone apps whenever we want has made a lot of things easier.

When you are on-the-go and see a pair of mens cufflinks that would be perfect for a Christmas gift you can easily see if you can get a better deal online before you make your purchase. If you’re waiting for an important email you don’t have to stay glued to your computer screen. Even if you’re just bored on a train you can check the news, browse online or play a few games of angry birds.

One of the few downsides to smartphones is the sinking feeling you get when you see your battery is running dangerously low. Battery almost dead again already?! Use these tips to make your smartphone battery as long-lasting as possible.

Charge it Properly

When you first get your smartphone you may be tempted to play with it immediately. However, that can harm your future battery life.

Instead, you should turn it off and charge it for a good 8 hours to condition the battery. Most smartphones use newer Lithium ion batteries â?? charge them before they are fully drained to keep them in prime condition. Older advice for Nickel-Cadmium batteries advised letting the battery run down completely before charging, but this can damage Lithium-ion batteries!

Turn it Off

If you won’t be using your smartphone for an hour or more you should turn it off. Turning your phone on and off does use battery, so it’s not worth it for a ten minute subway ride; however, hours or more of no use is still using your battery, so if you are heading in to the cinema, opt for off rather than silent.

Deny Data

When your smartphone is looking to connect to a wifi signal or data connection it’s using your precious battery. If you’re on the subway or in an area without signal, send your phone into airplane mode. Turn off wifi when you are not using it.

Close Your Apps

Simply exiting from an app doesn’t necessarily mean it is shut down completely. It could be lurking in the background, sucking up energy from your battery. Avoid these needless drains by getting into the habit of closing all apps from the task manager when you are done with them.

Check Your Settings

Take a look through your phone’s settings and see if you have left the high-energy options on. Vibrations are more battery draining than a simple ring, and if your screen light could serve as a lantern you should probably dim it down a tad.

Post by guest blogger CJ, a writer who enjoys blogging about everything from shopping for mens cufflinks to the latest gadgets.

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