Diet Pledge

The idea behind Diet Pledge is really simple. Create a goal and hold yourself accountable for it. However since most people just forget about their goals or never complete them, Diet Pledge gives you an extra incentive.

Every day you have to scan your finger and read the pledges youâ??ve made. This reminds you what youâ??re supposed to be doing and it also helps to self-reflect. After being reminded by your pledges youâ??re asked if you violated them. If you have, then you have to enter in how many times youâ??ve violated them.

Thereâ??s an option to input 0-5 violations, and a comment box where you write how youâ??re feeling. After you submit your violations they get taken from your tokens.

You begin with 10 tokens, but if you run out, you have to buy more for a $1. The idea behind this is that youâ??d rather keep your healthy goals, and not violate your pledge, than to make the developers of this app rich.

If you go 3 days without a violation you get 1 free token. So that means that in a month you can expect to get 10 free tokens. You can use these tokens for breaking your pledge. Think about it like your â??rewardâ? for doing well.

For example if your pledge is not to eat junk food then the tokens help keep you in line. But at the same time if you donâ??t eat junk-food for three days, you get one free chance to break your pledge.

Mission Accomplished

Youâ??d be surprised to see just how many perfect reviews this app has. It actually works if you log your violations daily. The idea behind it is that youâ??d rather be healthy than pay money not to be healthy.

Room to improve

The free app version is supported by ads but you can remove them with a $1 in-app purchase.


If you have diet goals then this app is for you. Even if you have other goals youâ??d like to stick to, like not procrastinating, or watching only an hour of TV a day, youâ??d still benefit from this app.

What are you waiting for? Itâ??s totally free. Go ahead and give it a try. You only have to pay up if you canâ??t stick to your own pledgesâ?¦.

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