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Google and Yahoo offices image
Google & Yahoo offices together in the same building in Haifa. Image author: Ron Spinner.

Google’s free keyword tool search option no longer exists and has changed to a tool called Keyword Planner.

You have to register with Adwords to be able to use it, rather like you have to start a Google+ account to leave a comment on YouTube.

No prizes for guessing exactly why Google are doing this and I don’t blame them, they are using their services to promote their other services. You don’t have start a paid account, you can register for a free account and use it.

I tried using Keyword Planner via Adwords and found it really awkward to use. Firstly, I had to log in to Adwords, then choose from around 4 different options, with each option being centred around the assumption that I am using the keywords to optimise an advert from Adwords. The interface was a little clunky too. I’d rather have a keyword tool that I can use instantly, without wasting time logging in to anything, putting special codes in or extended information. I wanted a keyword tool that I could use instantly, with no messing around.

I’ve got to admit, searching for keywords bores me intensely, the quicker I can get this done and place 2 or 3 keywords in the introduction, main body and conclusion the better. Then I can get on with writing the blog post or article.

Firstly, I liked the look of Freshkey but I found out that you can’t pay by PayPal, only by credit card and the payment page wasn’t totally secure as far as I’m concerned. So I looked for another option.

Soovie screenshot image

Screenshot of Soovie search.

Then I came across Soovie which is so simple, and it’s free. You just type in a keyword after going to the website and off you go. The free keyword tool extracts the best keywords for Google, Amazon and Yahoo for example and more. It’s not an in-depth keyword tool, but for me it does the job and it does it fast.

Do you have a favourite keyword search option or free keyword tool that you use as an alternative to Keyword Planner?

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