Before reviewing this app, I just want to mention that its graphics are eerily similar to the PowerPenguins iOS game. The reason I find this a bit surprising is because the creator of AppComrade (formally AppReviews4u) developed PowerPenguins. Now that “Freaks!!” is being reviewed on our site, I can’t help but feel like this style of graphics has real potential.


One might compare this game to Angry Birds, but it’s very different. Whereas Angry Birds is about accuracy in power and angle, Freaks!! is about solving puzzles. In this game you get to toss around a ball which breaks elements and freaks made of glass in order to save the trapped princess.

You get unlimited tries during each level to break whatever glass you want. In the beginning, this game seems really easy. But as you progress through the levels, things begin to ramp up. The challenge in addition to beating each level is also to beat it efficiently so that you earn as many stars for it as you can. The first stage has 24 levels, and I haven’t even gotten to the second stage. So there’s plenty of content in this game.

Mission Accomplished

I really like Freaks!!’s indie graphic style. That, along with the creative game idea just wins me over with this game and developer.

Room to improve

I wish you could break glass while dragging the ball. Or at least I wish it was explained in the tutorial that you can’t break glass while dragging the breaking ball.


If you like puzzle games, or any sort of game similar to Angry Birds, then chances are that you’ll love Freaks!! For just a dollar it can provide a gamer with a lot of challenging entertainment.

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