Five of the Best Free iPhone Apps for Halloween

Apps For Halloween

Fire up the jack-o’-lanterns, put on your favourite horror flick and get the sweets and chocolate ready for the trick-or-treaters – thatâ??s right, Halloween is looming.

Whatâ??s now become more of a commercial celebration than an ancient pagan harvest festival, Halloween is the perfect time to get into the spirit of, well, spirits.

However if you feel that getting dressed up in silly costumes is something just for kids, well you donâ??t have to miss out on the festivities. You can get into the mood of Halloween in a far more up-to-date and technological way â?? in the palm of your hand â?? on your latest Smartphone. Take a look at a number of cool Halloween apps available on Appleâ??s iPhone â?? theyâ??re â??bloodyâ?? awesome.

Make a Zombie

Get your spooky creativity on with this zombie creator App. Choose from a wide range of characters and literally turn them into a gruesome mess. Expose brains, bones and flesh. Use knives and an assortment of weaponry. No matter how zombified your characters become, theyâ??ll always remain disturbingly friendly. See for yourself.

Halloween Sounds Pro

The perfect App to really freak out your friends or family, the Halloween Sounds pro allows you make as many eerie noises as possible. Whether itâ??s an evil laugh, a creaky door, the sound of a witch, or a chainsaw, there is a veritable feast of scary sounds to make your Halloween complete. To make it even more fun, you can set your sounds on a delay option, or even better using blue tooth and another device you can remotely work the device, when youâ??re out of the room â?? happy haunting!

Halloween Card Creator

For those of you who are less inclined to get dressed up in ghostly costumes, roaming your local streets scarring residents or trying to get as many sweets as possible, then why not get into the spirit of things by creating and sending a spooky greetings card. If you have a friend thatâ??ll really appreciate your artistic endeavours, then why not express your scary sentiments for them in a Halloween greetings card? Theyâ??ll love it.

Pocket Cocktails

For the adults, why not get into the spirit of things by hosting a fun, but freaky, Halloween party? Amongst your apple bobbing and themed foods, make sure your guests have a quirky Halloween drink in their hand. The Pocket Cocktail App will give you all the inspiration you need. A shot of Bloody Brain, Monster Punch or Pumpkin-Tini â?? the choice is yours.

Costume Decider

If you love getting dressed up for Halloween but are bored of the same old suggestions, then why not get an App that decides for you? With 625 original costume ideas, simply spin the wheel to decide your fate. When the two wheels stop, youâ??ll be given an entirely unique costume idea, for you to wear, if you dare. Thereâ??s also the option to feature on the App creators blog, so if you feel your Halloween costume is the best, send your picture in via the app, and you could become an unlikely horror-star â?? if such a thing exists.

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