Five Life Lessons that Online Gaming Can Teach You

Online gaming can be a fun pastime and even sometimes a great way to make a little bit of money on the side. However, Iâ??ll bet you never thought about the philosophical side of online gaming and what it can teach you about life.

In fact, there are many life lessons that can be learned from online gaming. Here are a few examples of the pearls of wisdom that this activity could impart to you.

  1. Knowledge is Power

One thing that online gaming will teach you is that the better you know the game, the more successful you will be. This kind of knowledge comes from experience of playing the game and eventually you will be able to understand the strategies and techniques that work.

When you first start out, no matter what kind of online game you are playing, take the time to get to know the game and learn how it works. Donâ??t do anything crazy until you understand your role in the game and how the other players behave. Once you have a better understanding this will give you an advantage.

  1. Be Patient With Yourself

You can discover a lot about how a person handles anger when you watch them play an online game that they are just learning to play and they make a mistake. Sometimes you will hear them curse, shout or even yell at the computer screen. They might even get so angry and annoyed that they will give up on the game entirely.

This is not the best way to play online games and also not the best way to live your life. Instead, you will need to accept the fact that you will not be an expert at something right away and that it will take you a while to learn it. You will make many mistakes along the way, so go easy on yourself and be patient.

  1. People Are Very Predictable, So Try Not to Be

In any competitive online game, from first person shooters to card games to strategy games, you will start to notice that many of the other people you are playing with will follow the same pattern every time. People tend to be very predictable in their behaviours and once you have been playing for a while you will almost be able to guess exactly how they will act.

When you are doing something in the real world, especially something competitive, you can apply this same lesson. Getting to know what others do will help you to anticipate their actions and adjust your strategy to beat them. When you do the unexpected, you will have the advantage which will allow you to surpass everyone else.

  1. Youâ??re Only as Good as Your Last Success

Every time you start a new game online, the slate is wiped clean and you have just as much chance of winning as anyone else involved. Just because you won the last five games doesnâ??t guarantee that you will win the next one. Everything comes down to how well you play in that particular situation, plus a little bit of luck and the specific circumstances you find yourself in. You must always keep playing at your best in order to win again and again.

This lesson applies to life achievements as well. Many times you will see people resting on their laurels after achieving something great, because they think it means that they can then relax for the rest of their lives and never try hard again. However, they quickly fade into obscurity unless they continue to grow, improve and challenge themselves with the next achievement.

  1. Sometimes Things Are Just Out of Your Control

Should you get upset about this? No! Learn from what happened and take it in stride because in games as well as in life, you canâ??t always be the winner all the time.You can do your very best at playing an online game, putting forth your best strategy, playing as hard as you can and you still lose.


There will come many times in your life that you will be defeated and things will not turn out the way you want them to. Often this is due to forces which are well beyond your control. If you can accept this and roll with the punches, you will be much happier and the loss will not affect you nearly as much.

You probably didnâ??t think that you could learn so much about life from simply playing an online game, but there are a lot of deep thoughts which can be applied to this pastime! These are just a few of the philosophical life lessons that online gaming can teach you and how you can apply them to your life.

When you start playing poker for free, or any other online game, here are some of the deep life lessons which might be revealed to you.

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  1. Amazing…This article actually made me think! We all love playing games and are often so engrossed in it that we somehow fail to notice these essential philosophical aspects. People who think gaming is bad, should definitely read through this! 🙂

  2. Yeah I must say everything here is something I learned through video gaming. Before Call of Duty came out with the heat maps, I was already creating those in my head. I was thinking about the humans playing the game and what they would do. That’s why when you play sometimes it feels as if the other person knows where you are. I tend to feed off of these ideas; because others think people play by a pattern as well. So when I play I exploit the “noobs”, and try to make it seem as if I have a pattern. Then well known players know where I will be, which let’s me know places they will be.

    It feels awesome to enter a free-for-all and just dominate. Controlling all aspects of the game and finishing within 4 minutes. Half the reason I play is to hear people get upset. HE’S HACKING! AIMBOT! FA***T! It’s crazy what people will come up with to protect their online egos. Which is just another thing games will teach you; more about others and more about yourself. That goes for anything though, such as karate.

    So maybe all those minecraft addicts can start doing something else… (My brother is addicted to that forsaken game. All my friends (that I thought were normal) play it, and even grown adults play it. I cannot fathom why it is so addicting and popular. Bunch of 90’s graphics with just as bad gameplay. Why would I mine blocks for hours and build castles when I could just play some Max Payne 3? What has the world come to?

    • You mentioned Max Payne 3 Octavian . . . this game blew me away when I recently played it on the X-Box. It’s like watching a movie. Such attention to detail! I liked the video effects when he was drunk, like light flashes and distortion. I have been messing around and trying to produce these effects in Sony Vegas which is possible. Although my favourite editing program – Final Cut Pro X can’t do this as there are too many restrictions. But I’d have to choose FCP-X as my favourite because it is so solid and has ease of use features, such as automatically moving all footage to the right or left when you insert a new scene.

      I first saw my wife playing Max Payne 3 (she is addicted to games more than me) and I stopped in my tracks and asked her whether the game play scene was video footage, but it was not. As you know, you can even slow down bullets to see the effects in slow motion. An awesome game and number 1 on my list of the top most impressive games of all time. Number 2 on my list would have to be GTA 4 and third on my list would have to be Galaxy On Fire for the iPad.

      I’ve never played Minecraft, so any Minecraft players out there who can tell us what exactly the deal is with this game and the addictive draw to it, please leave a comment and give us a heads up this viral game’s appeal.

      • Max Payne is also one of my top favorite games of all time. Comes in at number one 🙂 You took all the words out of my mouth. Many people who play it report forgetting that they are playing a video game. The effects and story are simply AMAZING. Some may credit the movie feeling to the many cut scenes. I think that is part of it, but the story is so captivating you become emerged in the game. The narration and bad jokes “I had just been shot in my 2nd favorite drinking arm”, make the game all the better. It was also a very long game, about 20 hours of game play for me on easy.

        I know many Mac users have been complaining about the new FCP-X. I have Adobe Masters Collection and would never think about using anything else. Those video effects are pretty cool though. I’m sure someone will make a plugin or something. It would my cad videos epic 😀

        As for Minecraft I understand the idea of it. Maybe someone who does play it can add in: It is basically a game where you can live out your fantasies. Not like being a wizard or anything, but more like being dropped in Lego land. Except the legos are 3x3x3 feet and you can build stuff with your friends. Kill zombies, creepers, etc. Build castles, have fun. It is like GTA but rather then roaming a sandbox, you create within the sandbox. People played GTA for the sandbox, not for killing innocent people on streets. People play Minecraft for the creativity, not the 90’s gfx. I have to say that the whole game is terribly coded. I ran a server for my brother and it was so intensive; more intensive then other gaming servers. There are also so many glitches for a game that is made of blocks…. I don’t know how the creator has made millions off of Minecraft.

        P.S. This is my favorite song from Max Payne 3. I felt so badass when it came on at the airport level.

        I enjoy it so much I have only listened to it less then 3 times, so I keep the epicness going! Last time I listened to so many times that I ruined it… 🙁

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