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Fingergraph is an app that insures you’ll never miss getting an autograph from a famous person because you don’t have a pen or paper. Not to mention that it speeds up the autographing process. Fingergraph lets you snap a photo of the celebrity and yourself, and then gives them a chance to sign the photo right on your iPhone.

Whereas pens and paper or other writing materials require a flat surface, Fingergraph doesn’t. It’s ready to capture an autograph within seconds. Not to mention that in addition to being able to save the photo to your library, you can also make a poster out of the autograph or put it on other merchandise like t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Mission Accomplished

The user interface of this app, as well as the idea of making such an app is really great. Everything runs like you’d expect it to and there’s never any glitches or hiccups with Fingergraph.

All in all this is a stellar app that is a must have (considering that it’s free and insures you’re always ready to capture autographs).

Room to improve

Unless you upgrade to the Pro version for $.99, a really huge watermark is displayed on your save autograph. The watermark is appropriate for those that don’t upgrade but I think it should at least be more see-through or less invasive.

However, if you get a famous person’s autograph then you probably won’t care about spending that dollar on the Pro version.


It’s a good idea to keep this app on your phone in case you ever need it. If you live in a place where actors frequently visit or live in, then this is a must have app.

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