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The mission of Krrb (pronounced curb) is to bring people together around the world through local classifieds. Lifehacker has described the app as a â??love child between Etsy and Craigslist.â?

When you first fire up the Krrb app you can register an account. Then you can use a slider that ranges from Local to World, to find items close by that you want to buy. Krrb uses technology to effectively bring the â??curbâ? online. Thereâ??s no need to physically thrift, scavenge or rummage through local items you want to buy, because itâ??s all at your fingertips with Krrb.

Krrb also has a website (so you donâ??t have to use it only through the app). The benefits about this classifieds community is that it lets you buy local treasures in a safe and trusted environment. It also encourages local commerce and helps everyone save money. If youâ??re moving and want to sell something for top dollar, log onto Krrb. If youâ??re moving and need new furniture, log on to Krrb and browse through all of the items available locally.

Krrb takes no commission and you donâ??t have to ship your products. So itâ??s a really great place for sellers. Buyers benefit from the huge community and variety of products.  Whereas Craigslists is about jobs, gadgets and many other types of items, Krrb focuses on furniture and household items.

Mission Accomplished

Krrb connects local communities like never before. Even businesses are starting to use it because it provides sellers with so much exposure. Krrb even has an automatic process which takes sellers goods from Etsy, Ebay or Craigslist and posts them to your profile.

Room to improve

While testing this application I was not able to find any glitches or shortcomings. However to post classifieds you need to use credits. Posting items on Krrb costs 1 credit or $1.


If youâ??re tired of sifting through thousands of useless items on Craigslist, or donâ??t want to deal with shipping on Etsy or eBay, then you need to give Krrb a try today. As a buyer it will empower you like never before. As a seller you can gain a lot of exposure really quickly. Itâ??s free and you get 10+ credits to begin with. So what do you have to lose?

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