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By Kumobius Pty Ltd

I’m a fan of games like Super Hexagon, Boson X, and Impossible Road. What made me download Duet, a three dollar game, was how similar it looked to Pivvot. Boy was I really wrong. Duet can’t even be compared to Pivvot, because this might seriously be the best puzzle game ever created.


In Duet you control two balls that gravitate around the same circle. This means that when you press right, both balls will move clockwise, and vice versa. Using this control system you will have to navigate obstacles ranging from simple walls to spinning barriers.

Depending on how well you can think in regards to both balls, you will be able to succeed in this game. Don’t worry though, it takes a while to start thinking in a way that is compatible with the puzzle world Duet creates for you.

If you happen to smash your balls into any of the obstacles, then they will explode with paint splatters that stain the obstacles. When you play the level again, you can see the paint stains. After numerous failures the obstacles start to look a lot less menacing and much more colorful.

Mission Accomplished

The graphics, gameplay and level content are what makes this game worth every cent you spend on it. In fact, this game is rated an average of five stars by over 500 users! It’s really rare when you get a game that exceeds every single person’s exceptions. Consider Ashtonml’s review of the game and you’ll see for yourself just how much people love this game:

I don’t even know where to begin, I usually read reviews before I buy a game, and so when I read the reviews for this game I had to try it. To any of you skeptical people out there who don’t know if it’s worth the moneyĆ¢?? buy it. It’s so worth it. I bought this game at 6:30 am and I was half asleep and this game forced me to wake up, focus, and put 200% effort into it. Now, I’m not the type of person who enjoys challenge, but this game is still great. Just don’t have anything breakable near you, because you’re going to get a little angry and frustrated. Such a great game, I’d recommend wearing headphones/earbuds with the volume up because there is some music that plays along at the speed you’re going and the bpm (Beats Per Minute) are perfectly matched with the speed you move. The music definitely got me in the flow of the game kind of quick even though I did throw my phone once in the beginning of “denial”. Have fun playing and rate the app!

The other great perk about Duet is that you can play it in landscape or portrait mode on your device. It adapts to your gaming needs and isn’t rigid like other games.

Room to improve

I would have to be crazy to think that there is anything else that could make this game more better than it already is.


Duet is the most crisp and balanced game I have played on iOS. It might make you go crazy with frustration while playing it, but it’s really fun and you would be even crazier not to get it in the first place.

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Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Developer: Kumobius Pty Ltd
Size: 111.71M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.88216 by 1816 customers.
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