Dominoes Pro HD for iOS by Maysalward

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Dominoes Pro HD is a dominoes game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is free and was developed by Maysalward.


This game is pretty straight forward: it allows you to play against three other computer Dominoes players. There are also some cool perks that let you swap bones (Dominoes) between yourself and your opponents and X-Ray vision. These perks can be purchased using in-game coins which can either be earned or bought using an in-app purchase.

Gamers can also select their desired theme for the style of their surface and Dominoes. As you advance through this game you earn new titles, XP points, and achievements.

This game has a really great graphic interface and it is easy to get into playing it even if you’ve never played Dominoes before. It would be more fun if you could invite your friends to a match by playing against them locally or over the internet.


If you like playing Dominoes or puzzle games, then you could give this game a try. While it may have a good graphical interface and is fun to play, it doesn’t necessarily have anything that makes it stand out from any competitor apps. After a while this game ceases to be fun since you’re always playing against three computer Dominoes players and the perks make it really easy to cheat.

So even though you could give this game a try if you’re into Dominoes or puzzle games, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

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