Kard Combat

Kard Combat by Hothead Games is one of the most popular strategic card battling games on the App Store.  You must fight your way to the the gothic Tower over 33 epic battle scenarios . . .

So what makes this game so special? Well, it is unlike many mainstream games, that’s for sure. You play with virtual cards that deal damage or have special powers to fight your enemies. There are cards that cast spells, defensive cards, power up cards and one off special cards that deal out damage. This game was co-developed by Richard Garfield, creator of ‘Magic’. There are one hundred and twenty cards to collect in your journey to the tower. What’s more is that this game is free and you can play a 2 player game with your friends or online, as well as the main journey mode toward the gothic style tower. You can choose from between eight different characters and there is even a Challenge mode where you must solve brain-twisting puzzles.

The full game is quite pricey at $9.99 if you want all the cards and add-on options, although you can buy these sets in parts, priced at $1.99 each. However, the basic game is free, so it is a good game to sample before purchasing anything to make sure that you really like this game before breaking out the credit card.

This game is well liked as it has good star reviews, currently at 4.5 at the time of writing this review. This game looks especially good on the iPad. The game is in portrait mode when it opens and each character that you can select has their own special skills. The pass ‘n’ play mode is especially fun.

The game loads pretty quickly and saves the game on exit when you quit the game. You have ‘life points’ that you must defend as well as trying to deplete your opponent’s life points. You need mana points to unlock cards which you will initially see as darkened cards. Each card you submit depletes your mana points. The cards are colourful and imaginative, such as fire cards and earth cards.

As stated in the review, the only improvement that could be made is to alter the layout to look better on smaller devices. If you like this type of game, with the gothic atmosphere and dark atmosphere then you won’t be disappointed with this hit that is storming the App Market at the moment.

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