Creative IPad Apps Every Designer Needs

No designer worth their salt travels without an iPad or any other tablet PC. They are designed to inspire creativity with a simple touch of the screen.

There are plenty of design apps out there, from the fun and frivolous, to the serious and technical side of the design process.  Plus, there are lots of peripheral apps to keep you organised, provide a canvas for your bursts of inspiration and keep you on target to meet your deadlines. Below are just a few of the best.

Sketching Apps

Inspiration can strike at any time. So, you need something with you at all times in which you can sketch out those ideas.  Why not try one of the following?

  • Penultimate: This is a simple to use app, but it has a style to it that sets it apart from other apps in this genre. It has been designed for you to be able to use it just about anywhere, whether you need to jot down your ideas in note form, or sketch out a rough design. It offers you different paper options and drawing methods too – whatever you need to get your ideas onto virtual paper.
  • SketchBook Pro: Just like the software available for your desktop and laptop computers, the SketchBook Pro app for your iPad exudes the same professional quality. You are provided with a complete set of sketching, drawing and painting tools, which you can access via the specially adapted iPad friendly interface.

Typography Apps

If font manipulation is your thing, and you enjoy using words in a whole new way, you will enjoy trying out these clever apps:

  • iFontMaker: This is the first font editor designed exclusively for the iPad. In just five minutes, you can create your own unique font. Once created, you then have the facility to email it or convert it to a TTF file, which can then be used in software applications like Microsoft Office (Windows and Mac) and Adobe CreativeSuite, plus you can start using it as a web font.
  • TypeDrawing for iPad: For something that is so simple to use, TypeDrawing provides you with amazing results. You have the ability to create your own unique typography, and add bespoke watermarks across your photos.

Productivity & Notes Apps

You have deadlines to meet, projects to manage and calls to make. Having somewhere to keep track of everything is a necessity.  These apps can help:

  • Notes Plus: This app is well organised, practical and clever. It is a note taking tool that enables you to write with your finger. Even the largest of fingers can write neatly using the magnifier option which allows you to write fine text. There is also a keyboard option if you prefer. Notes can be exported as PDF files, and documents can also be uploaded to Google Docs.
  • Moodboard Pro: Moodboard offers a place for you to store all of the things that provide you with inspiration. It is a fantastic tool for project planning and idea storming. Whether you are planning a presentation, or a new project, you can keep all of your ideas in one place.

Shaun Udal works for a branding agency. His job being a creative one, he utilizes the best that technology has to offer inorder to enhance his work. He likes writing articles and expresses his opinions on a variety of issues.

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