Corvette Museum’s Country Music Star Exhibit

Corvettes and racing are inseparable; the years and years of Corvette pace cars are proof the two are interconnected, likely forever.

Corvettes are inextricably connected to a few other facets of American culture as well, and many Country music stars own Corvettes or have some association with the classic, American cars. It just seems right to have those American singers driving American cars, but maybe they’re using that to their advantage more than they ought to be. Country music stars and Corvette cars have been promoting and feeding off each other for years now, since as far back as 1958.

Kix Brooks, Country music star and one half of the famous Brooks and Dunn duo, happened to own and drive the big, beautiful, yellow Corvette seen above. Now it’s on display along with a handful of other famous automobiles at the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was only about 3 years old around the time this car was manufactured, but he found it sometime later and made it his own. His music might be fine and all but it’s nothing like the sweet song of this car revving up and coming to life.

This poster is from the Carrie Underwood tour, an event which stopped right in the Bridgestone Arena to showcase a whole horde of Corvettes on the race track. It sure seems like the two go together, and it’s as if Country music stars and Corvettes actually go out of their way for each other too. The Blown Away Tour wasn’t the only event to showcase Country music and Corvettes in 2012, either; wherever there is a gathering of Country music fans, there will be Corvettes.

Kix Brooks isn’t the only Country music performer with a penchant for Chevrolets. Marty Robbins, is another proud Corvette owner. He represents perhaps the closest link between the two American iconoclasts of Corvette cars and Country music; Robbins is the only country music star who can claim to have competed and done well in 35 different NASCAR events. A singer and a driver, Marty Robbins was quite the talented man.

Roy Orbinson

It’s not as if Roy Orbison’s music hasn’t made him someone who will live forever in the minds and hearts of millions, but he gets plenty of help from his Corvette, seen here and on display at the Corvette museum in Kentucky. This is a beautiful car and a lasting testament to the bond between Country music and Corvettes, strong then and now. This 1967 Corvette in red looks simple enough, but then Roy never did need anything too flashy.

Bradley White blogs for the retailer Volunteer Vette, who offers a range of Corvette parts and accessories on their website.

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