Cooking and Recipe Applications for iOS

Delicious meal pictureNowadays phones have become so powerful that they can store an unimaginable amount of information. These devices are like small computers and even better! They offer a great number of features and opportunities.

Now a great variety of apps can guide you through the cooking process. Yes, that’s right. There are apps that provide thousands of cooking recipes, you only need to have one to be able to access the information.

Here we will show you some of the most popular cooking and recipe applications for iOS.

Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

This app offers 60 recipes that were carefully embedded into an iDevice compatible format. It includes photos, video tutorials and instructions. These are especially designed for the small screen. Jamie Oliver, a very popular cook, provides explanations at each step. You can choose between 2- and 4-serving recipes, Metric and US measurements, create shopping lists, etc. The good news is you don’t even need to have Internet access to use the feature. In 2010, this app was awarded the Apple Design Award.

20 Minute Meals is only $6.99.

 Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant

This is a search-engine style application. It has a lot of features. If you are looking for good recipe suggestions for Father’s Day or ideas for great lunches for work, go to the Featured tab and start browsing. If you want to search by key word, check out the section Search. The good part about this app is that is provides nutrition information about each recipe. This way you won’t worry about calories. You can also favorite or email the recipe. There is another section that you may find especially helpful if you are a cooking maniac. This is the â??Tips ‘n’ Toolsâ? tab. What you can read here is tons of tips about spices, herbs and kitchen equipment. Moreover, you can have a cooking calculator.

Just like the previous app, you don’t need Internet connection here. You can browse recipes according to budget, holidays, ingredients, calories, etc.

Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant is free.

Dishy â?? Cooking Made Easy

This app provides up to 105 recipes, which allows you to prepare a multi-course meal. When you pick a recipe, you get a shopping list immediately. You can look for recipes by cooking time, ingredients or diet. The app provides simple and detailed instructions that can be followed by anyone, even those with small cooking experience. Whatever ingredients or materials you need are listed. You can choose serving size, units of measure, British or American English and get an insight to timing charts.

This app is available for $4.99.

Tyler Florence Fast

You will be amazed by the number of recipes you can look for with this app. 500! There is something for everyone, from simplistic food recipes to gourmet treats. Watch videos providing cooking tips. Plus, you can get advice from Tyler Florence and his team while you are in the very process of cooking! All you have to do is email them and wait for an answer. Or you can chat with other users of the application.

You won’t find information about serving size, nutrition and measurements conversion with this app, however. Otherwise, it is a great source for good food lovers. It allows you to browse by category.

You can have Tyler Florence Fast for $4.99 only!

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

With this app you can access up to 30,000 recipes worldwide! You can search by ingredients, calories, vegetarian, etc. This is an universal app and every iPad owner can have it for free!

You can save favorites and share them, create shopping lists and much more. If you own an iPad you can have access to nutrition information and cookbook format.

This app is for free!

Author Bio: Morgan Johnes works with technologies and gadgets many years. He currenly runs and has a lot of experience to share with his readers.

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