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Galaxy on Fire 2 by FISHLABS entertainment has some of the most amazing graphics on a space shooter game that you will ever see.
You start off in this game waking up in the future. Here you must first mine ore to earn the right to pilot your own ship. Mining ore involves clinging on to an asteroid and keeping the centre dot in the middle of the circle. This is not as easy when you first start the game as you are only equipped with basic mining equipment. Each asteroid has a class, A-D, with class A being the best and most abundant in the particular element that you are looking for.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a very complex game and provides hours of gameplay. To upgrade your ship you can earn credits by mining ore or by completing missions. To complete side missions you must enter the space station lounge at whatever station you are docked in. You then approach different customers to see what they have to offer. You can always trade with people in the space lounge too, be careful however that they do not rip you off. Check the stock price for the material and price that they are willing to trade with you.

The graphics are breathtaking and it almost feels like you are flying through space. There are beautiful supernovas, stars, planets, space debris and dust in your view as you fly from space station to space station.

This game I purchased, but is now free and includs add-on in-app purchases. There is such a lot to this game that even without in-app purchases it provides you with hours of entertainment. I bought one of the in-app purchases for a mission upgrade. I didn’t purchase credits as that takes away the challenge to me as half the fun is building up credits through hard work and slowly upgrading ships.

There are three other alien breeds/factions which you can either choose to appease to keep as friends or to attack to turn into your enemy. You can even turn pirate in the game too and start attacking cargo ships from a particular faction. You will need good ship to pull this off though, as once a faction has had enough of you they will attack you on sight.

There are portal gates you can use in the game that send you from one star system to another and you can track your position on the in-built map. It can take a while to travel to distant star systems this way, but later in the game you will build a hyperdrive, allowing you to reach anywhere fast.

The dialogue is deliberately corny and tongue in cheek, with the main character sounding more like a cocktail bartender than a gritty space fighter. It uses what I call ‘lounge humour’ which is not really hilarious but makes it fun. Kind of like ‘lounge music’ where the music won’t knock you out but it’s there to entertain just the same.

The idea is to upgrade your ship and equipment. You can either opt to get a ship with a large cargo and focus on cargo carrying missions, or you can go for fighter ships to do battle missions. I prefer to upgrade to a fighter ship with a medium-sized cargo hold. Your character’s name is Keith T. Maxwell.

There is a vortex in the game with a particularly nasty and high-tech alien race in it which you must battle with and defeat. You can choose to do a main mission or to go off on your own and complete side missions.

Upgrading your ship is one of the most fun parts of the game. You can upgrade weapons, for which there are many different types to choose from, purchase cloaking devices, armour and much more using your credits.

Mission Accomplished

The graphics are literally amazing and you get many hours of play, especially if you occasionally complete the side missions too. The game is solid and has rarely crashed on me and there are many missions contained within the game.

Room to improve

There is not a lot to improve upon in this game. However, one suggested improvement might be to add in distress signals, such as those seen on Star Trek, to take the character out of game play for a while to explore off-beat races and planets.


In all this is one of the best space shooter games out there for iOS devices. It is available now as a universal app and will provide hours of entertainment.

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