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In this game you have to tap on four different colored tiles in order to match them. Every time a tile is tapped on, it switches colors. A red tile will switch to yellow, which will switch to blue, which will switch to green, which will switch to red.

The game starts off easy but in later levels, which there are 60 of in total, there are special tiles which change multiple tile colors with one tap. Since each level gives the player a limited amount of taps, the challenge is to pick a color that requires the least changing of squares to match.

Mission Accomplished

This game has plenty of challenging levels that will keep you on your puzzle solving toes. The game mechanics are also very unique, and this puzzle gives you brain in a different sort of situation. Not to mention that there’s also obstacles in this game and that it’s easy to get into and hard to put down.

Room to improve

The background music, as well as the graphics and story, aren’t the best around. Although this game has a creative concept, it puts many potential players off with its unsatisfactory audio and graphic style.


It may not look shiny but it is one of the best functional puzzles out there.


If you don’t care what a game looks like, but you just want to play a challenging and rewarding puzzle, then this is the game for you.

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