Choosing The Perfect Cell Phone

Cell phones are an integral part of the modern world and where would you be without yours? It seems like only yesterday when they were brick sized gadgets with a novelty value and nothing much else. These days over 6 billion cell phones are in use and the U.S.A accounts for 327 million alone. That is about 1.05 cell phones for each individual in the country.
Obviously not everyone has a phone, and many have at least two or three. They have evolved into a mobile multimedia miracle and who knows what developments are just around the corner? When it comes to choosing your next cell phone, you are spoilt for choice. This article looks at some tips that can help ensure that you get the most suitable phone for the life that you live.

Step One â?? Choose The Best Plan

You can choose from either post-paid plans or pay as you go setups. You can decide which is the most appropriate by calculating how many minutes you use per month on average. You can tailor the pay as you go or post-paid plan to suit your needs. If the post-paid plan accounts for a standing charge equating to more minutes than you need, you should consider the pre-paid. By taking this route you are only paring for the call time that you are actually using.

What Functions Will You Need?

Everybody has different habits and cell phone users are no different. You may send a lot of texts, or perhaps you use the phone for playing online games such as poker. You can narrow down your choice by making a list of the activities you tend to do. For a constant texting, you should consider a phone with a large qwerty keypad. For a gaming style phone, you should choose a phone with a large and high resolution screen. Some phones actually are set up just to take and make calls, not even a camera. What these phones offer, for example the Nokia X1, is a great battery life and no annoying gadgets to confuse the user. Most modern phones will have at least 2 of the following 3 features:

  • Camera/Camcorder
  • Touchscreen
  • Internet capabilities.

Body Style

The aesthetics of a cell phone accounts for over 80 per cent of its desirability, and there are many different styles to choose from. These are the most common shapes available:

  • Touch screen phones â?? Expensive and usually require a little bit of training prior to use, especially for the technophobes out there.
  • Bar phones â?? These are the traditional cell phone type, but there are many new models that still adopt this straight forward approach.
  • Slider Phones â?? These have a cover that slides up to reveal a screen and keyboard, usually a full qwerty facility.
  • Smartphones â?? These include the Blackberry design and are preferred by business users.
  • Qwerty phones â?? These are designed for the serious texters amongst us and offer a fast approach to typing out business and personal emails. They are often linked to our own work and home email systems and are extremely useful for business on the move.

Author of this post is Tom Lynch; he is a webmaster with a leading company that sells refurbished cell phones. A thorough techie, Tom likes to pursue basketball and football in his free time.

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