Bag It!

‘Bag It!’ The strategic shopping mall bag filling app that’s hugely popular.

‘Bag It!’ is an app that’s receiving great reviews and is one of those strategic games that is more fun to play than it actually looks.

The aim of the game in this great app by Hiidden Variable Studios is to cram as much shopping into your shopping bag as possible. Be careful though as there are breakable objects to, such as eggs. If you pack them in the wrong way they can break. Each shopping item has cute eyes that blink and there are constant new objects and features popping up as you get deeper into the game. It’s a virtual shopping mall shopping experience without having to spend a dime or a penny.

You are awarded up to three stars in the game depending on your performance. On the game screen the shopping objects are on a conveyor belt moving across the top of the screen, and on the bottom of the screen is where your shopping bag is, waiting to be crammed full of shopping items.

This game is so addictive that it has made it into the featured section of the website. This game is free to download at the time of this review. There are achievements that you can earn in the game and also different game modes such as, ‘Rampage’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Power Surge’ modes. There are also three endless modes that you can play.

When you are cramming your shopping bag full of goodies you can also earn extra points for scoring combos, such as putting two happy watermelons together. Why? I don’t know, but perhaps the fruit, which is about to be eaten may feel lonely on its way to the kitchen of death and might need the company of another victim.

So, the more hardy items must go on the bottom with the fragile items being better placed on top.

Check out the check out in ‘Bag It!’

Warning: You will not want to put this shopping mall bag filling app down once you start playing it!

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