CD And DVD Marketing Still A Valid And Widely Used Format

DVD & CD Marketing

When asked how to best pitch a film, Steven Spielberg was reported to have said something to the effect of â??I should be able to hold it in my hand.â?

In a theoretical sense, this means that the idea must be compact enough to make sense and at the same time, be engaging. In a very literal sense, there is really no better way to get a point across than by using a visual or audio device such as a CD or DVD.

Visual Marketing

Visual marketing today is every bit as effective as it has been in the past. The difference today is that it now includes the Internet and cable TV, as opposed to only radio and traditional TV. While preparing and launching a visual marketing campaign can be effective over the Internet, the truth is that – shocking as it may seem, not everyone is spending as much time on the Internet as might have been thought. Cable and TV are still the kings of visual media when it comes to advertising, however, few companies can afford that type of air time.

Cost Effectiveness

Enter CDs and DVDs. There is a reason why virtually anyone who wants to distribute music can do so using CDs. The same holds true for films, entertainment, training and general information. The reason for this is that they are so much less expensive to produce and distribute than other mediums. Compared to TV and radio, CDs and DVDs can bypass all of the costly expenditures for mass media advertising.

The best types of advertising instruments for any business involve how memorable they will remain after the audience is engaged. It is all fine and good to offer content of value such as newsletters, giveaways and other opportunities for prospects to win various items. However, it is more meaningful for a prospect when they are offered something of value right at the get go. Making them work for the chance to let you pitch something is often seen as a waste of time to many consumers. In fact, much of the public is fatigued with the continual onslaught and fight for their attention in the marketplace.

This is why offering a CD or DVD of substance will stand out above all the noise. Through this medium, any venture or business, from authors to ebooks and software developers to musicians and entertainment firms can find useful and creative ways to more effectively get their message across. Using promotional and professional CD and DVD replication services, any business, artist or organization can more efficiently and accurately convey their appropriate messages to targeted audiences.

When it comes to business promotion, the buzzword today is inbound marketing. These techniques use the method of providing something value before ever mentioning the cost of a product or service. This is why one of the most effective, yet simple methods to engage an audience is by communicating the marketing message clearly and well. The truth is that there is no better and more lasting way to do this than with a DVD or CD.

With the advent of the online universe taking marketing by storm, it is easy to get swept up with only Internet based activities. However, savvy businesses know that it is a blend of marketing techniques that will provide the most success. This is why there are still many businesses and companies of all sizes using varied marketing and advertising techniques, such as CD and DVD distribution.

Christopher Bailey works with the cd duplication team at CD Technical. He shares information about technology and CD and DVD marketing tips by blogging.


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