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By NaturalMotion Games Limited

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CSR Racing is a drag racing game created by NaturalMotion. It works on the iPhone and iPad.
The objective of this game is to win races by switching gears at the right time. You only get a side view of your car during races and you have control over shifting gears and turning on Nitro. Basically when your MPH reaches a certain speed you press the gear up button. The faster you press it when prompted the more boost you will get.

When youâ??re not racing you can do a couple of things such as buying cars, upgrading, and customizing. You can upgrade any part of your car from transmission, tires, nitro and more. Customization allows you to paint your car or add a certain design. Customizations and upgrades can be purchased with silver points.

You also have access to a â??mechanicâ? who will fine tune your car for a limited number of races. Mechanics are paid through gold coins which are slowly earned by leveling up or bought as in app purchases. Gold coins can also be used to buy certain cars.

Once youâ??ve selected your car you can go to the city map. There are 5 different race crews in the city and to progress throughout the game you have to beat each race crew. After beating four crew members you can race the boss. If you win the boss race you will advance to the next crew.

You canâ??t always race crew members in this game. If you try racing a crew member when you first play this game you will fail.

Instead you will have to race in regulation races, ladder races, or daily battles to gain enough points to upgrade your car. If you donâ??t upgrade your car you wonâ??t be able to win against the first crew member.

Regulation races are where you race your own car and you set the difficulty higher for bigger prices. Ladder races are races against progressively tougher opponents for increasing prizes. Daily Battles provide high rewards in special loan cars. You can only race three Daily Battle races a day.

The downside to this game is that every race sucks up a little gas. Once you get an empty tank you will get a refill for free. The next time your tank gets empty you can either wait in game for a couple of minutes for it to refuel, you can share the game on Facebook for more fuel , or you can buy in game gold points to purchase fuel.

The gas limitation is not going to go well with most people looking for casual gameplay.

Mission Accomplished

The graphics are really great and there are more than enough cars and upgrades. The shifting gears mechanism is flawless and so is the Nitro boost.

Room to improve

Buying in game points to purchase fuel gets really old after a while. The races themselves donâ??t bring new features or challenges. Basically you keep completing Ladder and Regulation races to gain points, to upgrade your car, to beat crews, to upgrade your car, and so forth. I would say 40% of your time is spent drag racing and 60% is spent buying upgrades, choosing races, or waiting for your gas to refuel.


If youâ??re into strategic drag racing games then CSR Racing is for you. You have to think ahead before making purchases or buying upgrades. If you are wise in your gameplay you might not even have to make any in app purchases.

But for the average Joe it will become really difficult to continue playing without buying gold points. Iâ??m sure some people out there might like this game but it stopped entertaining me after half an hour. If anything give this app a quick try because the graphics are captivating and you might like it.

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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: NaturalMotion Games Limited
Size: 468.64M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.57394 by 79956 customers.
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