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Tropical Fish Shop 2 is available for the iPad with a version available for the iPhone too. It is a slide and match type puzzle game that is great fun.

This is one game I’ve kept on my device since downloading it. It’s great fun and after clearing the game the first time round, I intend to go through and clear this game again, unless they bring out a third version that is.

The object of the game is to touch and slide the sea creatures, such as fish, sea horses, jellyfish, clams and starfish, to create combos. If you match three in a row the creatures disappear, four and five creature combos give extra bonuses. Whilst you are doing this you must also refill the air in your dive tank by matching combos of air bubbles that appear. Sometimes this is easier said than done, as if you let the air bubbles collect in random places at the bottom of the grid it can be tricky to recover them.

As well as excellent slide and match games, there are also puzzle games integrated as a bonus, where you have to find hidden objects before your time runs out. When you complete a level you earn virtual money to kit out your very own fish shop, in a style of your liking. There are dive competitions to enter too, where you play against an opponent in head to head matches. This is definitely one of my all time favourite games.

When you slide and match creatures gold coins appear at the top of the screen that you have to bring to the bottom of the grid. There are a lot more things you can do in the game by obtaining special abilities if you match multiple combos.

Mission Accomplished

There is a lot of gameplay for your money in this game and the game is varied. This game is an all time classic and you’d be hard pushed to get bored in this game as it’s immersive. The graphics are colourful and striking.

Room to improve

The game could be longer with more added levels. I was kind of disappointed when I cleared the game, but this is a sign of a good game afterall. So even though there are plenty of levels, I’d like to see the developers add even more with updates.


Well worth the money! A cracking game which will provide hours of fun.  The game has a great ‘feel good’ feeling to it too.

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