Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPad Review

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There are some very good quality solutions currently on the market for desktop scanners, but what about one thatâ??s compatible with the Apple iPod?

There is a new device on the market called the Brookstone iCovert Scanner which works well with all of the different iPad models and generations.  If you want a portable solution then read my concise review below.

iPad Scanner Review

The first thing you will notice is how small the Brookstone scanner is compared to standard desktop scanners that are available to buy today. It is very easy to use and starting up is simple.  All you do is plug it into the wall, dock in your iPad, and then you can start scanning immediately using the free application software which comes in the box called iConvert.  This lets you scan efficiently, with full color images up to 300 dots per inch.

Portable and Small to Carry

This Brookstone iConvert scanner is very portable and easy to take in your bag.  This means you can scan documents on the move or when travelling with ease.  In terms of controls, the Brookstone scanner has a small button â?? press it once to turn the scanner on.  There is also a pair of plastic guides which help to make sure that the paper moves smoothly into the device.  Most of the controls though are accessed via the iPadâ??s display.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface Controls

The user interface is pretty straight forward, and scanning is done by pressing the â??scanâ? button.  Once you do this the document starts to pull through the tray â?? please note, you will need to manually feed more documents into the machine though as it can only take one at a time due to the small size of the device.  Once scanned, you will see the results displayed as an image on your iPad.  Itâ??s then up to you to save it, email it, upload it, or do whatever you want to do with the finished scan.

Calibration is Simple and Helps with Paper Jams

Additional features include the ability to “clean up” the scanner and calibrate the settings.  This is  necessary, especially if you are planning on using the Brookstone scanner on a regular basis.  Examples of when you might need to do this include if the scanner starts feeding paper in at an odd angle or you begin to experience paper jams.

What Paper Sizes Can You Scan?

In terms of the size of the documents you can scan with the Brookstone iConvert, you can go as small as a standard business card dimension, all the way up to a sheet of 8.5 inches by 11 inches paper â?? so should take care of most occasions when you need to digitally store and record a document as an image.

Where to Buy and the Cost

How much does it cost?  Well, you should be able to pick it up for less than one hundred and fifty dollars from the Brookstone online store as an exclusive.  Alternatively if you donâ??t wish to shop online you can pick one up in any one of their stores throughout the United States and North America.

Short Conclusion on the Brookstone iConvert

To conclude, I would not recommend the iConvert if you are looking to scan at very high resolutions, but for an affordable and portable scanner compatible with iPad it is certainly good enough to deliver what you will need whilst on the go.

Author Credits: Marc Chili is a technology blogger.  You can click here to check out his page on Pinterest which includes details on Brookstone promo codes and coupons.

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