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Having trouble clearing the Red Square level in Blazing Angels 2? You have come to the right article! I will show you how to clear the Red Square level, just keep reading this article to find out how to win . . .
When I played Blazing Angels 2 I really enjoyed playing the game but when I got to the Red Square level it almost seemed impossible to clear, in fact, I almost put the game away because of it. I have seen many comments on YouTube and the Internet from people that have given up and abandoned any hope of clearing this level because it is so difficult.

Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise, I have cleared and finished this game recently and can say for sure that this is the hardest level in the game. Granted, the last level in this game is challenging, but Red Square  in Blazing Angels 2 seems near on impossible. I’m giving instructions for Blazing Angels 2 on the X-box, so the PS3 should be similar, but the PC version is slightly easier, so people say.

Here is a short list of frustrations you may have been experiencing:

1) You are destroying all the enemies as quickly as you can, but the red dots just keep appearing on the radar.

2) Red Square’s health bar keeps going down and down.

3) On the Internet, people are advising you to just destroy all the red dots/enemies, but it just doesn’t work.

4) You are waiting for the Russians to give you rocket strike / spotting capabilities but it just doesn’t come.

5) You get near the end of the game but the health bar being depleted always beats you to it.

6) You destroy the attacking last convoy, but you still don’t clear the level.

7) Planes just keep appearing.

8 ) You feel like throwing the game in the bin after multiple attempts.

And . . . here is the solution:

Okay, here we go . . . I’ll try and be as clear as I possibly can and include a few screenshots here too.

  • Step 1 – First of all, get the easy bit done by flying in formation over Red Square. You no doubt know by now not to stray too far from the formation, otherwise you will fail the objective. If you were like me, you probably played this over and over and are bored sick of this bit by now.
  • Step 2 – Send your wingman into attack mode from the very start to the end. Destroy as many planes as you can before they start dropping parachutes, fly towards the first oncoming wave and attack them as early as you can. Use missiles only to destroy planes and ground targets. Don’t waste time using the plane’s machine guns.
Shooting down parachutes
  • Step 3 – When the first parachutes begin to drop, go after them. For the parachutes, this is the only time where it is good to use your machine guns – for parachutes only. Forget the planes from now on until you clear all parachutes and ground targets. Just to emphasise this important point – GO FOR PARACHUTES AND GROUND TARGETS – FORGET THE PLANES FOR NOW.
  • Step 4 – When you receive a warning that dive bombers are beginning their run on Red Square – IGNORE THEM. That’s right, just take no notice and keep on pounding the ground targets after you’ve shot down as many parachutes as you can. So why do you have to ignore all planes? Because this level is programmed so that the enemy planes only stop appearing when all ground targets (the little square dots on the radar) are eliminated.
  • Step 5 – When you are launching missiles at ground targets, they will usually be in groups of around 5 units. Keep launching missiles at the same group until that whole group is eliminated, otherwise you will waste time coming back later on to finish off stragglers. To finish off stragglers, the quickest way is to launch your missiles and if there are 1 or 2 left, go to do a loop the loop. However, when your plane’s nose is pointing skyward half way through the loop, stay vertical and put on maximum speed and climb for about 5 seconds. Then complete the loop, but then slow down and aim your plane’s nose at the ground, launch missiles at the remaining target and then pull up before you hit the ground. This method is better than time consuming flybys. Only fire a missile at a plane if it happens to cross your path on your way to the next group of ground units. If you can, lock on to missile replenishment planes and send your wingman on a special attack to destroy it. This way you will have enough missiles. Hopefully you will have spent your prestige points on extra ammo carrying capabilities, so that you are able to carry double the amount of missiles.
Ground Targets

Destroying Ground Targets

  • Step 6 – When Margarite gives you a message about the Russians getting ready to launch missiles and want you to be a spotter – IGNORE THE MESSAGE. That’s right, the Russian missile barrage comes at the very end of this level and is pretty useless anyway. Margarite also advise you to ‘Keep your distance in the meantime’ – IGNORE THIS MESSAGE TOO. It makes absolutely no sense, and no doubt many players fly away to keep their distance and see that the level is still playing as usual, only to realise that they have wasted valuable time staying away from what? This message is misleading.
  • Step 7 – When all of the ground targets are destroyed, there will be 3 or 4 planes still buzzing around, (note: there may be more than this as it varies) but the good news is that the way this level is programmed, there will be no more new waves of planes. DESTROY THE REMAINING PLANES. If you go after the end invading convoy without finishing off the remaining planes, the game level still plays and you have to go back and finish them off and by that time it will be too late as the Red Square health bar will be depleted.
  • Step 8 – If you have gotten this far . . . congratulations! You will see that Red Square’s health is not going down now. You probably have about 5 to 25% of Red Square health left. That’s all we need. We now need to fly fast and GO AFTER THE INVADING CONVOY. You’ll see it on your radar as a long line of red dots.
Invading Convoy

End Invading Convoy

  • Step 9 – It is about now that the near on useless Russian missile strike option comes up as you are flying toward the invading convoy. On the X-box you select a target as normal and then press the ‘X’ button to order the strike. Use this, but you’ll have to finish off the convoy yourself, again by flying over the target and loop the looping to destroy all remaining stragglers.
  • Step 10 – If you followed all of these steps and destroy the last remaining straggler from the end invading convoy – WELL DONE! You will receive the ‘mission completed’ message and you will move on to the next stage.

After this, you will go on to a different objective. I’m not going to spoil your fun by telling you about this as it’s a breeze to complete and very fun. I honestly think that the developers should amend the difficulty of this level as many people give up on the game out of frustration from multiple attempts. It’s not that the combat is hard, it’s more about being confused as to the methods you must use.

Video Of Red Square Level Being Completed by garatina265:

Please leave a comment if this article helped you and feel free to add any tips and tricks for Blazing Angels 2, Red Square or any other level in the game.

By the way, if there is anyone reading this blog just itching to put a comment in like ‘I completed this level on the first attempt’ or ‘This level is easy’ or even ‘It took me just 15 minutes to clear’ . . . On behalf of all the frustrated Blazing Angels players and myself, I have to say – keep it to yourself, we don’t want to hear about it, you’ll only make us feel bad trying to clear this Red Square nightmare level;)


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    • Hi buddy. I can’t be sure because that was only the amount of planes left after I cleared the ground targets when I cleared the level. If it helps, I upgraded my team, so that the wingman was most effective. I sent him on special attacks on individual planes whilst I was attacking ground targets. Again, I expect it varies from game to game and player to player. When you clear the level, feel free to add any tips/points that I haven’t covered in a comment.

  1. thank you a lot, i was almost giving up and handing the game back to my uncle. Now i’ve passed through that part and destroyed you know what on the third opening

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