Best language Apps For iOS

Learning a new language can be tough challenge for most people. Not everyone of us has the natural aptitude to quickly learn a new language. For those who want to learn a new language using various tools to help them in their study can be a big help.

Fortunately, there are many tools that are now at your disposal. Among them are various apps that you can download and install on your iOS device. These apps have been designed to assist people in learning a new language. So if you want to study Thai, you can have technology help you.

Here are some of the more notable language apps for the iOS.

Learn a Language with Michael Thomas

If youâ??re an aspiring polyglot and want to use a single app to learn various languages, you can test Learn a Language with Michael Thomas. You can choose from either French, Spanish, German and Italian â?? the most popular European languages. This app has a unique payment structure, described as â??pay as you learn.â? In this scheme you pay for the individual hour long lessons. Itâ??s a cool concept and a very effective tool as well.

Chinese Essentials by AccelaStudy

This is a free app that has been used by, according to the company who makes it, more than one million people. This app can help you learn and become more fluent in Chinese. This is a great addition to the language apps collection on your iOS device.

Basic Italian for Dummies

The â??â?¦ For Dummiesâ? series of books is a runaway success so itâ??s natural that the same concept made successful by the book series will be carried over to the digital realm in the form of a â??â?¦For Dummiesâ? language app. Basic Italian for Dummies is an app you should consider if you want to learn Italian quickly so you can impress your friends and family with actual Italian phrases and sentences and not just some words you heard from movies or from that Italian guy down the street.

500 German Flashcards

Using flashcards is a proven method of quickly learning anything, including languages. This flashcards app from PFG Software has German to English translations of 500 oft-used words in English. If youâ??re trying to learn and memorize German words, you canâ??t go wrong with this app.

French in Space

Who says learning a language has to be a bore? French in Space is a language app that is also an arcade game. You learn new French words in a fun and challenging way â?? and one that is definitely not going to bore you.

Zachary is a recent college graduate and an aspiring polyglot. Currently is trying to study Thai.

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  1. I think it’s great if you can study a language anywhere from an iOS device. I have a Thai alphabet app that I use for remembering all the consonants and vowels. This helps me as there are 44 consonants and 32 vowels, and the vowels can go under alongside or on top of the consonant :0

  2. Yes learning a new language can never be easy. I’m planning to learn French and how awesome it is that i happen to come across this article. I thing the app ‘French in Space’ would be very useful to me as i gradually learn the language. 🙂

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