Best iPhone apps for social media and networking

Best social networking apps for the iPhone

Social media websites and blogs have drastically changed virtually every aspect of human life. You can interact with lost friends from far off places as if they were sitting next to you. Life has become more digitally social and social networking sites have played a major role in regard to this aspect.

The invention and popularity of smart phones has further facilitated this online socialization process. The most popular smart phone, Appleâ??s iPhone, has made the most prominent contributions where social networking is concerned. With an iPhone, we have all our familiar desktop utilities at our hands. There are many social networking apps for the iPhone which allow users to share everyday happenings with friends and family.

Renowned iPhone apps for social media and networking sites.

What follows are the most popular iPhone apps developed for social media

Messenger for facebook

Facebook chat messenger was launched back in the year 2011 allowing facebook users to chat with friends over the iPhone. Users can send and receive messages on their iPhone home screen from facebook friends. Users can send messages from facebook chat messenger to those friends and contacts who are not face book users also. Every time someone sends you a message over facebook, you are notified on your iPhone via facebook messenger.


Skype iPhone app allows users to make free of cost phone calls and video calls with friends and family members who have accounts over Skype. With Skype on your iPhone, you can receive and send instant messages to friends. You can make phone calls to non-Skype users at extremely cheap rates.


Daily-tooth is an app for sharing pictures. Users can upload and share the memorable moments of their lives with family members via daily-tooth. You can get news and updates from loved ones daily. With daily-tooth, you are always aware of the happenings in your friendsâ?? lives and can expand your social circle by making new friends and sharing your photographs to get feel closer to family and friends who may be far apart in distance but in each other’s thoughts.


Foursquare is a unique iPhone app that enables users to share their location with friends and loved ones. You can let your friends know about where you currently are. Users can share pictures, and you can get comments from important people in your life. Users can get discounts and offers when they actively use foursquare.


Skout is the most well known iPhone app these days for searching and connecting with new friends from the opposite gender. You can date, form relationships and share your information with your new friends. Skout is basically a date-finder and lets you find the hottest singles around the world to hang out with. Itâ??s a user friendly app and is free.

Song chat

The song-chat is a fun filled application designed for iPhone for listening to your most favorite tunes. With song chat, users can have online conversations with loved ones while listening to their most favorite numbers. You can find new friends based on similar music interests. Simply put your music up and search for people having liked that particular type of song. Itâ??s totally packed with entertainment and fun.


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