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Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Modern smart phones could help you with almost anything. You can download apps to help you find the best restaurants in town, lose weight or even buy clothes. If youâ??re on a mission to redecorate your house, get inspired with various iPhone and iPad Apps. Explore modern technology to revolutionize your interior design. These apps would give you more interior ideas and designs to renovate your home than any design magazine.

Home Interiors Ideas HD

This design wizard is a must for anyone who wishes to redecorate a house. The app gives you access to hundreds of interior designs for a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and pool area. You can go through a list of HD pictures, zoom in the details and highlight the original ideas. Bookmark and share these pictures via email. You will have a chance to customize these designs in your own apartment. This app was recognized a â??Top Paid iPad App of the Yearâ? in 2010. The app would provide you with the latest innovations in interior design industry.

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore and Co.

This is a great app to makeover your house. Benjamin Moore created this app to provide his customers with an ability to identify any color they like. Take a picture of the bright car on the street or a wall at your friendâ??s house, the app would identify the selected color with a paint color from Benjaminâ??s paint collection. No need to guess the right color for your living room. Now you will have a chance to get the exact color you like. You can also create your own color combinations or choose from the provided color options.

Dream Home HD

This app allows you to create your own virtual designs and see whether it would work for your room. Select your room type, color, light, style from the list of provided ideas.  You can also add some decorative accents into your designs. The weekly update would provide you with a multitude designs from the leading interior designers.

Home Sizer

This great app would help you on the early stages of building your own house. It would calculate the square footage of your future house; estimate the cost per sqm and the amount of your mortgage payments. Even if youâ??re only thinking of building your house, this app would give you a clear idea of the process and its cost.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app would give you access to one of the largest databases of interior design ideas. You can go through 70,000 pictures and ideas, get inspired and start renovating your apartment. You can search for designers, architects and even workers in your neighborhood. Bookmark your favorite design ideas and discuss their further implementation with your new designer. You can also connect with the local designer community in order to discuss your design troubles. This community has first-hand experience in design industry, thatâ??s why these professionals would be able to identify the problem and find the best solution.

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