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Back2School Word Search is somewhat of a directory of vocabulary words in a range of subjects such as math and geography. It is also somewhat of a word search. Not to mention that it is somewhat unhelpful for a student or non-student, and that it is not very educational at all.

The app is split into two different sections: class puzzles (word searches) and the “study hall.” In the word searches you merely swipe on words that you find in the word board from the word bank in the bottom. Everything is timed, and if you beat certain timed goals you will achieve one of the few “challenges” that the app keeps track of.

You can also navigate to the “Study Hall” which lets you pick a subject to “study” vocab words from. English, Math, Science, Geography, and a few other subjects are available. In the English subject, there’s a name such as “Shelley” in the listing which can be tapped on. Once Shelley is tapped on, then its definition comes up which is “Mary Shelley (1797 – 1851) – she was a British author best known for her novel, ‘Frankenstein’.” There’s also words like “draft” in the English subject which is defined as “a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision, copying, etc.”

Room to improve

This app is not very useful at all. Students can’t add their own vocab terms to their desired subjects, which would be highly necessary considering that the terms the app comes with are random or too basic. Furthermore, the interface of the app is very unappealing. Not to mention that doing cross words without learning the definition of words has no educational value what-so-ever.


Do not download Back2School Word Search for any reason. It is free but offers in-app purchases ranging from $.99 to $4.99 that give you coins and no advertisments. The coins can be used to purchase puzzles in other subject areas, but is highly not advised considering there’s no return on investment with this “educational” app.

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