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The PGA which stands for the Professional Golfers Association and was originally started in 1901 in the UK, this was the first of its kind. Not long afterwards, PGA of America was formed . . .

The UK PGA aimed to train and promote club professionals. It wasnâ??t until 15 years later that the American PGA was formed for similar reasons. They are stationed in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and are currently working to elevate the level of golf played and create further interest in it.

In 1916 a store manager gathered several golfing professionals and amateurs to propose the idea of forming a national golfing association. This was taken with interest and after several meetings, a couple of months later the PGA of America was successfully created. This is how it started and it had several goals that the organisation was formed around and should strive to obtain.

These goals were to encourage the enjoyment and popularity of golf in America. They wanted to improve the level of ability of the current professional players by offering several training courses. Their main goals were to make golf more accessible to people around the country. Doing this should create a larger talent pool and allow for the game to become more exciting.

The original PGA of America group was very small but it has now grown to a national level. The PGA professionals partake in rigorous training and education so that they know the sport inside and out. This means that members of the PGA and American PGA have great knowledge of everything to do with the sport making it more likely to move in a positive direction.

This growth in talent and money has allowed the PGA to hold several golfing championships for all types of professionals. There are now championships for elder golfers to compete in the Senior PGA championship but the most famous remains the PGA championship which pits the best golfers in the world against each other.

The PGA of America may have come from small beginnings but it has grown massively over the years allowing it to host many championships and continue their original goals. These goals were to create a higher level of golfing competition and they have done this by enabling PGA members not only to excel at the game through rigorous training but add a level of education to ensure that the golfers are completely optimised in skills and knowledge related with the sport. This has allows the PGA of America to become a dominant force in the golfing world and provide great entertainment for their millions of fans.

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