Adventure Chub Jump!


The objective of the game is to race a pogo jumper to the top of the mountain by eating healthy food and becoming fit. When you first start out the pogo jumper jumps up and you have to go left or right by tilting your device. Landing on another platform will mean that you can jump up again, but if you miss and fall, you have to start all over again.

Some platforms have green and red apples. These apples help you get healthy just like in real life. Once you fill your health progress bar you will go through a transformation and become an even healthier pogo jumper.

In Adventure Chub Jump you have to avoid bad foods such as pizza and burgers. Pizzas can be stomped on to get rid of, but burgers cannot.

If you collect a rocket then you can get extra boost and fly up for a limited time. Delicious drum sticks will get you even healthier than apples! So look out for them and collect as many as you can.

You can also share your final score on Facebook and Twitter, as well as challenging friends through multi-player.

Mission Accomplished

This game promotes healthy habits in young children. The gameplay is simple and fun. Also the free version is just as good as the full one. The paid and free versions both have 6 awesome adventure maps and 6 different character transformations.

Room to improve

Free version is ad supported. For $.99 you can buy the app with no advertisements, and you will also get the ability to buy unlimited boost.


If you like jumping platformers then you might want to give this Adventure Chub Jump a try. Since it has a free version thereĆ¢??s no risk in trying it out and not liking it.

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  1. Adventure Chub Jump is by far one of the most exciting and unique take on casual gaming! Watch Chubs transform his body as he journey up and up with nifty pogo stick from a chubby guy to a stunning, fit and healthy pogo stick jumper! A chubby kid jumping on a pogo stick collecting apples and chicken to loose weight. Who would have thought that can be made as a game. Genius! Addictive and harder than I thought! I can see how this game can keep you playing. You just want to keep seeing this cute chubby kid transform to a lean mean pogo jumping machine!

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