Advantages of Using WordPress

CMS platforms are basically platforms wherein people can create their very own custom websites from scratch.

Most of them are free and even though there are some paid platforms, they donâ??t have a lot of customers; because, WordPress one of the best CMS platforms available, is totally free.

Using this platform you would be able to organize various web pages and if youâ??re not good at web designing, there are plenty of templates to try out as well. WordPress isnâ??t just free â?? itâ??s customisable and therefore thereâ??s no limit as to what you would be able to do with your website.

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However, the above facts are just a few of the advantages of this great platform. There are plenty of other advantages, some of them include:

Ease of Installation

WordPress is really easy to set up because it comes along with a template and youâ??re free to upload your very own template as well. There are plenty of free as well as premium templates available that give your website a unique look and feel.

Thereâ??s no need of technical knowledge in order to make effective use of this platform as there are plenty of guides available. But, if youâ??re good at programming you would be able to enhance the websites even more and thereby satisfy the viewers.

You can customize it

Whether youâ??re setting up a full fledged website or just a simple blog, you have the ability to change any and every aspect to meet your desired needs. You could even hire a designer to build a template for your website from scratch. However, this could be a bit pricy as thereâ??s a lot of work involved.

Great Plugins

Without the right plugins you wouldnâ??t be able to do anything on your website. Even setting up the text on your website needs some plugins. Since wordpress is the largest CMS network, there are plenty of plugins created as well. These help improve the SEO aspects and help drive more traffic to your site. If youâ??ve got something specific in mind, you would even be able to hire a developer to create a plugin just for you.


Permalinks are a really important aspect of SEO and WordPress helps you create these â?? actually, you donâ??t have to do much, itâ??s all done automatically on every page and post you create. However, you do have the option to customize them and add backslashes at the end of each URL if you think itâ??s necessary.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is the single most important factor in most of the websites and blogs today. Itâ??s a great way to get your word out there. Most startup websites donâ??t have the funds to advertise online and therefore the next best option would be to make effective use of this sort of free advertising â?? let people do it for you.

WordPress has plenty of other advantages that youâ??d notice when you use it. But, one thingâ??s for sure â?? itâ??s the best CMS platform today!

Abhishek has developed websites on Joomla, HTML and many other platforms but he likes WordPress the most. He has recently developed a website for a client dealing in wordpress upload plugin

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  1. On my old site I just used to put webpages up using just straight HTML. Good for learning, but so time consuming. When I started using WP I was amazed at how fast I could work – I’d say 10 times quicker than coding everything by hand.
    WP is a great tool. :Approve:

    • This is actually one of my biggest sellers.

      Most people I find online are still using HTML sites. WTF?

      I remember someone on Fiverr wanted to know if I could help them improve their site. I took one look at it and asked if they had to update code every time they had to update an item. When they said yes I tried to sell them on contacting me so I could redesign their entire website and setup a CMS.

      Naturally they were n00bs and thought I was going to scam them if they weren’t under the protection of Fiverr and never contacted me. Lol. Too bad for them because my work is actually fail-proof for customers. I design the website and host it on my server. They get to try it out, and the admin panel. If they like it they pay me in full for me to transfer everything to their server. If they don’t like it, well. That sucks for me!

      I still have to work out the kinks… Haven’t gotten paid for any websites this summer 😛 While assholes are out there setting up “themes”, and “plugins”, and charging $700 for 2 hours of work. If I knew how to do that I would. But I never get any customers 🙁

      This guy on Fiverr asked me to review his site. He used as a theme. Slightly modified it; and is expecting the lawyer to pay big cash. How I still can’t find clients is amazing to me….

      I learned PHP a couple of months ago and I must say I appreciate WP a lot more now. If you tried to code something like this by hand it would take you ages; not to mention all the MYSQL crap you would have to worry about. Opensource is really awesome!

      For the heck of it.

      • Yes, it’s crazy when you are offering a really good service but people won’t give you a chance.

        People tend to trust big companies but don’t realise that just because it’s a big company doesn’t mean that you are not being ripped off, when you could hire a solo designer to do the same job for a better price.

        Sounds like a really good service you are offering there too.

        • I used to think that slightly modifying themes and charging for 40+ hours was crazy. Investigating all the source code in designer portfolios I find that 9/10 of the sites they create are using a cookie cutter theme. Their own portfolios are often using already built themes. uses Thing is they charge as if they built the whole damn thing from the ground up!

          My friend’s aunt paid $2000 for a terrible HTML website my 8 year old brother could have designed. A prospective client had paid his cashier $300 for this website but he somehow wanted to negotiate with me for this website Which I was going to also charge $300.

          Weird times we live in. Which only upsets me further seeing that I can never find any clients.

          It’s weird I used to think I was an amateur 16 web designer, but then realized I was just as knowledgeable as most people out there.

          What I have also found out, regarding anything; is that you should never offer a price that is too good to be true. Whether you are selling something on eBay, or offering a service. If I tell you that I will design you a website for $200 bucks you think that I am outselling my work for $10. Then you think how professional is this guy really? So what you really do is you take that number and you times it by 3-4. At that point I’m asking you for $700. You already think this is going to be quality work. Lol.

          You may think I am joking but I really am not. Imagine you see a $150 iPhone 4S on eBay (buy it now). You think it is too good to be true and someone either stole it, or it’s a fake. You wouldn’t think the person just needs the money fast.

          Now if you saw the same iPhone for 102% of the average price a used one sells for, you will surely pay more attention to it.

          I think I mentioned this to you before where I saw similar results in other niches. A blogger spoke about how he doubled his eBook price and his profits just quadrupled afterwards. Another unrelated blogger said she did the same thing with her shirts store. Instead of selling her shirts for $25, she doubled it. Guess what? Similar profits afterwards.

          It’s crazy. :Happy-Birthday1:

          • Yeah that’s crazy. Perceived value is something that is real for sure. I’ve seen programmers at a place I worked in in England making Micky Mouse templates up for thousands of pounds – when I offered to do the same job for a third of the price no one even took me seriously, as I was an ’employee’. The attitude was . . . how can an employee possibly do anything else than his contracted job?

            I am bound to a confidentiality agreement on this, but I once witnessed millions of pounds going down the drain on an idea doomed to fail. The employees could see it and voiced up their opinion, but management could not take constructive criticism from anyone below them. The project failed to the tune of millions of pounds and made front page headlines. An example of perceived importance there perhaps . . .

          • Just clicked on

            A slow loading eye-candy attack . . . any more and my eyes will start bleeding. Talk about dark tech, its worse than laser blinding weapons. I thought it would never end. Why not stick some frames in there with more eye candy flash stuff to boot? Then the whole site would be invisible to Google and would cause migraines countrywide.

            The site you designed is so much clearer. What is wrong with some people? I suppose they don’t have to worry about SEO on that website. There isn’t any room for it. Strapping two strobe lights to your eyes would be the only way to achieve the eye candy attack that this site launches at you like a knife attack combined with a flash bang grenade lol

            My head hurts 🙁

  2. Never knew it was called perceived value; thanks I will use that now.

    I think this generally comes from the ignorance of computer illiterate human beings. The “confusing screen with confusing boxes” (and confusing code) can only be handled by professionals. Giving anyone else a third of that money would be a waste!

    I see this all the time with logo design. Most people don’t know that the Nike swoosh was bought for $35. You don’t need to pay a marketing specialist $5000 for simple branding. Sometimes you do need to of course; but I think amateurs try to replicate success by taking the same steps others have taken, often thinking they will get to the same place.

    People who copy Apple don’t understand what makes it so successful. Before the iPhone, tablets had buttons to small to click on. Windows 8 has the same problems still! ( Your finger will need to click this on a Windows 8 tablet!!!! ) People have tried to copy Apple but have missed all the simple critical points. Which Apple so graciously shares at I find it surprising competition still has such as hard time incorporating simple design tactics. USABILITY! SIMPLICITY! Lol.

    If you go to college for business and learn how Steve Jobs ran/grew his company, you just learned the theory behind it. It doesn’t mean you will have the same success. In which case if I had to hire a partner (to start a business) it probably wouldn’t be a business major but rather a creative friend I can trust. After a couple of years, I think your partner would know more about running a business then a business major fresh out of college.

    Most suckers out there just think that if you invest big you will get the same back. Which I personally find very funny. Similar to how students think if they go to law/doctor school they will have the key to life, when they often end up jobless and in student loans.

    As for my client finding techniques, I think I know where I went wrong! I only contacted people who had completely destroyed websites. Which is a bad sign seeing that they would ever represent their business in such a way.

    I don’t really have time for anything but school nowadays but if I ever try this again I will certainly target “okay” websites. People who understand the importance of having a non-eye-raping web presence. Those people will understand why a better website is needed as opposed to Mr.Circlesunoco :Beer:

    • I didn’t know the nike ‘swoosh’ logo was bought for $35 dollars. That’s an interesting fact and an eye opener as well as a silent lesson there.

      Yes, I see what you are saying about the slow loading eye candy loving website guy. If someone thinks that this type of website is good in the first place he’s not likely to see sense.

      I used to live in Wiltshire, the crop circle county. I have met people that make the elaborate and beautiful crop circles, have met farmers who have hired the crop circle makers and then charge 1 pound for entry of around 10,000 people. I have even met an American guy who makes the crop circles, then arrives first on the scene to do a ‘scientific’ study of them and sells the videos. All this, and added to the fact that the supposed UFOs only tend to land in late Spring in crop fields near major roads gave me the impression that I could talk some sense into crop circle UFO hunters.

      Guess what . . . not one person listened to me. The reply was ‘Well, not all of them are fake’. Which is a fair argument, but pretty weak all the same. The thing is, these people have fallen in love with their idea and have supported the idea with ego. They won’t even consider looking at the phenomenon objectively.

      I wasted valuable time trying to save people’s time and money chasing nonsense and scam set ups.

      I even met two very nice American scientists who were hired by a fellow American millionaire to fly around in a helicopter examining the phenomenon. They were smart people, but fixed on an idea and unlikely to ever question their judgement.

      So, yes, sometimes, even when common sense if on your side, supported by evidence, you can’t reach some people, so it’s sometimes better to move on and approach people with a different outlook.

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