Add a Sense of Humor to Your Blackberry

The Blackberry Bold 9780 might be bold and stylish, but for personal use, it might be considered just a little boring.

In the business and corporate world, this phone has all of the features necessary to allow a person to work when “not at work.” Checking email, scheduling meetings, browsing the internet, connecting to corporate websites, making conference calls, and using instant messaging can create an office environment from any location. But who wants to feel like they are in the office when they are out for the evening or on vacation?

What about personal use? While the Blackberry compares well with other smart phones in most functionality, such as staying in touch with friends and family through social media, email, or instant messaging, there are not too many ways to have fun on this phone. That might require owning additional devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or a Samsung product. Companies that sell iPad devices or that sell Samsung devices may own the market on the younger population when it comes to an all around personal fun device.

But before one decides to Sell Blackberry Bold 9780, maybe there is a solution to making the Blackberry phone just as interesting and fun as other devices. Phone cases have become almost as popular in the market as the phones themselves. Most resellers sell blackberry phones without a case, giving the buyer the option to select their own array of accessories, such as cases or Bluetooth devices. A Blackberry phone with a sleek well-designed case can change the appearance of the phone making it look rich and expensive, maybe even very corporate-like. A Blackberry phone with a company logo or a logo of a favorite sports team on the case might make a statement about where one works or what their greatest interests might be.

However, the Blackberry phone can just as well be dressed up to give it more fun or character. A case designed with a joke, a funny picture, or a cartoon on it can be amusing or entertaining, as well as a good opener for conversations. For instance, a phone case designed to look like a real electric outlet placed face down on a table might get a lot of laughs if someone decided attempted to plug in a device.

Customized cases are becoming more and more popular. They are a way of expressing oneself. So why not add some fun and character? How about a picture of the family pet performing one of their infamous stunts, or a family member making a funny face? There is no limit to the creativity that can be used to create the funniest phone case on the market. Phones that are customized with unique and creative cases might even change the way a person feels when using their phone.

Just as clothes often define a person’s style and flair, phone accessories can do the same. Paired with some fun tunes added for incoming calls, the Blackberry can become a person’s most cherished device and may leave them pondering the thought, “now maybe I can sell my iPad.”

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