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Adaptxt Keyboard is a free keyboard that is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It was developed by KeyPoint Technologies and can only be used by devices running iOS 8 and above.


This keyboard is really easy to enable on an iDevice, as is any other 3rd party keyboard. You simply navigate to settings, keyboard, and then tap on “add new keyboard.” As soon as the Adaptxt Keyboard is enabled, you’ll be able to switch to it by holding down the earth icon on your regular iOS keyboard.

This keyboard has a glide feature that lets you swipe across the keyboard to type out words rather than having to tap on individual virtual keys. Since the Adaptxt Keyboard has access to every single key you’ve ever pressed in the past, future, and present, it can help you type quicker by predicating what you’d type.

If you always text back “I’m having a great day for example,” the next time you text “I’m having” the Adaptxt algorithm will know to suggest the word “great.” By simply tapping on the word “great” you’ll be able to type out an entire word without ever having to swipe or tap individual letters for it. It is essentially typing out words with a single tap. You’ll be surprised how little you’ll be typing after Adaptxt learns your patterns and allows you to type half of the time by just tapping on the words you want to use.

Adaptxt also support various languages, is really effective at auto correcting, and has two themes available.

While trying out this app I was not able to get prediction, auto-correction, or glide features to work. I am running the app on a stock iOS 8 iPhone 6 16GB, and even rebooted the phone to try and troubleshoot. Nothing would make the features of the app work. I did get to use the prediction on an iPhone 5s running iOS 8 though.


If you’re looking for a free gliding app, or want better auto-correction/prediction than Apple offers, then this is the app for you. It should work for most people and their operating system even though I was experiencing difficulty with it.

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