8 Cool Ways To Turn Digital Photos Into Physical Creations


I think you’d be pretty impressed by the things you can do with digital photos these days. They aren’t just for keeping on your laptop, or emailing to your friends.

You can take the digital part and chop it off because they can be turned into physical creations by some inventive photo printing websites, Snapfish being a good example. The number of things you can do will blow your mind, but I want to give you a little taste of what to expect in-case you have any nice photos lying around that you want to do something special with.

A calendar

Everyone needs a calendar at home to keep track of places they need to visit and people they need to see. Instead of spending money on one from the shops you could take your favorite photos of the kids and have them to look at every day instead. After it’s finished you might also want to keep it to show them when they grow up.

An invitation

When sending out personalized invitations it always looks much better. If you have a lovely photo then why not do it yourself? It could be a photo of your child on a birthday invitation asking all their friends to come along and play. Or what about a photo of you and your lovely fiancé when you want to invite people to your wedding?

Coffee mugs

coffee break with momdot

When you’re sitting down in the morning to your mug of coffee you could be drinking from a mug with a difference. I’m not sure what kind of photo you’d like to see on yours, but it can be whatever you want it to be as long as you’ve already taken the photo. Maybe each member of the family can have their own portrait mug?


When the kids are going to school they wouldn’t need to worry about losing their notepads if they had ones with their photo on them. There’s always the option of keeping one for yourself if you do any paperwork at home, or even just to keep as a journal and write something in every night.

Canvas print

If you want something fancy enough to go on your wall then a canvas print would be a fine acquisition. You would need to have a pretty special photo that could take its place on your living room wall, so I hope you’re good with a camera. They are also good for putting in the children’s bedroom if they take a good photo and it will definitely make them feel like a little artist.

Pieces of jewelry

Instead of blowing the photos up you’re now talking about taking them down to a very small size, but they still look good on a nice piece of jewelry. The most popular choice would be the silver locket with a special person’s headshot inside. You can also get cufflinks, leather bracelets, and more. It’s not world-class jewelry, but it’s something you wouldn’t mind wearing.


air force pillowcases for my brother

This one is something you won’t come across every day, but it’s what makes it a nice idea. They can take your photo and put it onto a pillowcase. You can go to sleep at night knowing your children are right beside you. If you wanted to get one for the children you could use a photo of them with your family pet.

Gadget skins

Your gadgets will come with a plain looking skin, but how many people do you know wait very long before they buy a customizable one? Would it help your decision if you knew you could get a customizable skin made with your favorite photo? There’s plenty options available for phones, cameras, laptops, and more.

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