6 Reasons the iPhone 4s is Your Best iPhone Option

iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5

Be honest, you know you would like an iPhone 4s, even an iPhone 5. The price of the 4s model has already fallen for sim-free versions and you can find some great deals on this phone.

Advantages of iPhone 4s

It is proven technology and works. Do you remember the problems with the aerial on the iPhone 4 when it was first released? It took Apple six months to recognise and fix the problem. The iPhone 4s has been around for a year and there have been no major glitches with it. Any minor problems have been ironed out.

You Get Better Deals with the iPhone 4s than with the new iPhone 5. Contract prices for the new iPhone are significantly higher than for the established model, reflecting the iPhone 5â??s higher price. You can also find deals with the 4s that give you more minutes for the same monthly cost.

The iPhone 4s is available today. Demand for the iPhone 5 has outstripped expectations and supply delays of one or two months are expected after its official launch in the UK.

The established iPhone 4s is cheaper, and still falling in price. New adopters of technology always pay top prices. As the new iPhone comes to market and gains market share, so the price of last yearâ??s technology falls. Remember that only one year ago the iPhone 4s was the best thing since sliced bread, so it is still pretty good today.

The iPhone 5 only offers minor performance improvements. The new iPhone is not the paradigm shift in phone technology that it was touted to be. It offers marginal improvements in careen size and battery life and a few new features that you will never need.

Third party add-ons are few and far between. With the new connector and with details only just released non-Apple accessories for the iPhone 5 have not yet even been designed. You cannot even get a third-party phone charger yet.

Advantages of iPhone 5

It gives you more street cred. This is an important point for some people, but not for everyone. Teenagers and Apple fans will want to be seen only with the very latest technology.

It has a bigger screen. The iPhone 5â??s screen is half an inch bigger across the diagonal.

It has a longer battery life. You get an extra hour on Wi-fi; ten hours compared to nine claimed use.

It has extra facilities. The new iPhone has extra bells and whistles that nobody has needed up to now.

To Sum Up

You can buy the iPhone 4s for less than the iPhone 5. People have been very satisfied with the 4s model until now; nothing has changed; it is still an excellent mobile phone. It costs less and you can get better deals than with the iPhone 5.

There was no reason to replace the iPhone 4s except Apple Inc.â??s marketing policy, whereby mobile phone products are replaced every twelve months.

Eleanor Ball has just bought her first smart phone. After searching for iPhone 4s deals she decided that this is the phone for her.


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