6 Great Real Estate Apps For Your iPhone

The smartphone is already the next big thing and will still be the next big thing to come. Don’t scratch that, it is the big thing no matter how much its size will shrink in the coming years.

For instance, the number of people owning iPhones is rapidly increasing and the number of apps is overwhelming.  This simple yet powerful gadget has sparked a revolution in how we conduct business and make money. It does not matter what profession you are in, the iPhone is the ultimate phone. It is no luxury but a business tool.

In the world of real estate, your business is determined by how fast you get information and how well you can sell it. Traditionally it concerned making the right connections, the right purchases and at times travelling from one place to another to assess the value of property. Technology has enabled you to do all that from the palm of your hands so get tapping. These 6 apps are a must-have for any successful realtor.

Locating Property

1. Zillow

This app is great and it is no wonder it has landed on every real estate review. If you do not have it yet, the only thing is to down load it right now.  This app is probably the only one that effectively allows you to get homes that are or sale depending on your location.

You can view places that have been recently sold using this app. This wonderful application can help you land a client within a matter of minutes. Show them the available property and cinch the deal by giving them confidence in your credibility by showing the sold property. The best news it is free to use it.

2. Google Maps and Google Earth

Yes, this has been around for a while now but the constant updates make it to beat the competition easily. Google Maps have just become better that before and customized for your iPhone3s or 4s. It allows you to get directions and view places on your phone.

Add it with the Street View App and you get to show clients what they can expect on their streets as they drive home. The Google Earth app has increased resolution and you can view every geographical detail of an area from the rivers to the trees and hills.

3. Around Me

Clients do not only want to move into a house but a home with a proper neighborhood. Around me enables you to market the neighborhood to them and close the deal. It shows all the surrounding amenities that they would be interested in. it also enables you to locate the right property for particular clients. Your client has a child, look or a house close to a school.

Additionally, it shows you the route to use from the house to the needed amenities. The news gets even better, you can email all this to a friend or to a client.

Entertaining Clients

4. Urbanspoon

Deals are sealed over lunch or dinner and it makes little sense to have to go miles away just to get your favorite restaurant. Get many favorites with the Urban Spoon. As you talk with your clients, find out their likes and tastes and impress them with a great meal at a lovely restaurant.

With urban spoon, you enter your location, the type of food and the amount you are willing to spend. It will automatically list for you the available restaurants. Instead of listing them all at once, it picks one for you. Check it out and if you would prefer another, just shake it up and pick another.

The Financing

5. Power One Financial Calculator

Never lose a client again because you were not able to calculate the interest rates in time or you got them wrong. The Power one financial calculator is a great app for your iPhone that gets them all.

It will get the mortgage payment for you in an instant, the compound interest charged, the investment income and other advanced equations you may want it to.  Math is as simple as A B C. Given the wonders it performs, it seems a great bargain buying it for 6 dollars.

The Organization

6. Evernote

You need something to help you organize yourself as well. The Evernote will take pictures notes and recordings. Gain valuable information on property using this app and send them to your computer for storage. Scouting for deals has never been easier.  The seamless connection between this app and your computer is awesome and no wonder many love it!

Brian is a real estate blogger with penchant for technology. His work with stella settlement agents allows him to use these great apps at work and he recommends them for all real estate professionals.

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