6 Apps for Ghostbusters; True Life Tech for Dangerous Games

When it comes to all things ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal things, â??who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!â?

Have you ever wondered about the tools they used to fight the ghosts? In the 1984 Movie Ghostbusters, they had a variety of weapons and equipment with which to try and capture ghosts and spirits, which included the following:

P.K.E. (Psychokinetic Energy) Meter – The Ghostbusters used thisto track the ghosts. This meter consisted of a small screen mounted on a handle with sensor â??wingsâ?? protruding from the sides. As one neared the source of the energy, the â??wingsâ?? would flap and the device would buzz.

Proton Pack and Proton Gun – This was the primary device that the Ghostbusters used to capture ghosts. The proton pack is a backpack sized particle accelerator that shoots a stream of positively charged ions out of the connected proton gun. This counters the ghostsâ?? negative energy, trapping them in place.

Once the ghosts lost enough of their energy from being shot by the proton gun, then it was time for the Ghost Trap, a sealed container to hold the ghosts for transport to the containment unit, also known as the storage facility. This facility is a large laser confinement grid that holds and restrains all the entities the Ghostbusters catch.

Today’s True Life Ghostbusters

These days, however, modern ghostbusters might be seen also carrying around a smartphone. With the invention of these ghost busting apps, anyone can try their hand at ghost hunting.  While messing with the supernatural is a dangerous activity not recommended, these apps are some of many that have flooded the market in recent years.

There are many things we do not understand today.   Imagine several hundred years ago, if a television were seen by people of that time they would have assumed all sorts of supernatural activity was taking place.  In reality, there are simply scientific discoveries unknown to them that we know of today.   In all likelyhood, these strange things people hear of, and sometimes exaggerate, are merely the unknown we have yet to discover, and manage to scare ourselves to death with – so to speak.

These apps or their descendants might be used one day to explain all sorts of things many today see as paranormal.  Check them out with a scientific eye.

EVP Analyzer App – This records sounds that some believe to be voices from the beyond

Paranormal State EMF Detector – This app scans for ghosts and spirits using electromagnetic fields

Ghost Radar will scan your surroundings to establish a baseline of background ambient noise, vibrations, and other factors. Then using your phoneâ??s capabilities like GPS or FM receiver, it waits for something to alter that baseline. If something is found, it communicates by choosing words from a database of 2,100 random words and those will display on your screen.

Digital Dowsingsâ?? MagCAM monitors the EMF field and when it detects a change, it snaps a picture.

Not necessarily an app, but the technology is certainly useful; the ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) Digital Dowsing, LLC reads the environment and attempts communication with spirits from other dimensions using random generators to create speech fragments.

Geo Phone 1.0 By Joshua Waller, available for Apple devices, is a good complement to recorders and cameras. It picks up ground vibrations using an accelerometer, so if anything happens to cause your phone to shake, it will register it.

Paranormal Recorder.  Recordings are triggered by unusual readings from EMF waves.

Some of these apps also let you export your data to a computer so you can analyze it.

However you like to hunt for ghosts, try taking some of these apps with you next time to aid in your quest. It will certainly be easier than packing all that heavy equipment.






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