5 Things That Will Never Die

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How many times in this day and age have we commented how cool it is to see something more convenient that enhances our lives? Such items are often here to stay and will not go the way of the Beta machine anytime soon. But with new and better technology comes greater responsibility for protecting information. Here are 5 things that will never die in today’s technological world.

1.  Mobile Devices

Smart phones, laptops and tablets have become particularly important in the business world.  Everything from communicating with clients to carrying out business applications has made these devices essential business tools.  With the vast amount and sensitivity of data being carried from one city to the next or even one country to the next, remote data protection is a priority.  Clients trust that their information is protected for customer-focused businesses.  Protecting privacy and information on mobile devices is often viewed by businesses as even more important than any other business requirement.

2.  The Customer’s Desire for Convenience

Many customers value convenience above all else.  Unfortunately, convenience often trumps security.  Many people feel like their security could never be compromised and are too trusting of technology.  Unfortunately, many technological conveniences that customers use can be hacked into.  However, businesses must stay competitive in today’s world and this usually means delivering a product to the customer as quickly and efficient as possible.  With convenience comes technology.  With technology comes information.  With information comes the responsibility of protecting it.  Data protection will always need to balance on the one hand security and the other hand convenience.

3.  Identity Theft

Identity theft is increasingly becoming a problem, particularly where private and personal information is involved.  This is the number one reason why organizations who handle customers’ personal information want to protect it.  The cost of having one’s identity stolen is detrimental to the customer but can be even more detrimental to the business whose responsibility it was to protect that information.  This again supports the idea of remote data protection.  As technology becomes more enhanced, so too does the criminals’ desire and capability of stealing information.  Identity theft is not going to disappear so long as anyone’s sensitive information is out there for the taking.  Remote data protection is undoubtedly the best first line of defence.

4.  Internet Use and Tech Savvy Employees

As we move from one generation to the next, the internet is becoming the choice of communication and information retrieval.  Generation Y has proven to be the most tech savvy generation yet and it is highly unlikely that future generations will not be the just as, if not more, tech savvy.  The workplace is making room for these tech-minded generations and taking advantage of their tech know-how.  This is translating to a much more mobile use of internet applications and an increase of internet use.  This has created a high demand for remote data protection.  Businesses want to take advantage of the skills of the younger technological minded worker but by doing so also want to protect data exchanged on the internet.

5.  Moneyless Purchases

Many shoppers are moving away from making their purchases using cash and instead using debit or credit now and even cell phones in the not too distant future.  For this reason, businesses want to ensure remote data protection is in place.  Point-of-sale terminals are seeing an increasing number of card swipes and even now, card taps.  Thieves see an opportunity here too.  Technological devices are being utilized to steal personal pin numbers.  Having customers’ transaction cards’ information compromised is a worst case scenario for any business.  So again, the application of remote data protection is paramount.

These are just 5 of many technological existences that are not going to disappear from everyday life.  But clearly, the technology that is here to stay must also have effective remote data protection to go with it.  Otherwise, the purpose of everyday technological conveniences can easily be defeated.

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