5 Sonic Games Characters That Should Be Used More Often

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After the 90s, Sonic games have been considered to be pretty mediocre. But thereâ??s something about this gaming series that have always been charming. Yes, the characters of this game! Although the graphics of the game has let its fans down, there are a few characters that just make people go back to this game even after all these years.


Some of the top sonic games characters that should be used more often in future sonic series are listed below:


  1. Shade The Echidna, Sonic Chronicles â?? One of the most interesting characters of Sonic Chronicles is Shade the Echidna. She was deadly, calculating, quick and an awesome character. When her story ended, there was a hint that it was unfinished and that Sonic fans could expect to see her but there was not much to see by way of her powers.
  2. Mighty The Armadillo, SegaSonic the Hedgehog â?? Mighty was actually introduced in SegaSonic the Hedgehog and not in Chaotix as many fans believe. He was a match for Sonic in his running speed and could also give Knuckles a fight worth remembering. So, when three of Chaotix characters were brought back, and Mighty was not one of them, it was surprising. Such a popular character should be back.
  3. Robo-Knuckles, Sonic R – The best part of Sonic R is Robo Knuckles. This robotic version of Knuckles with slight variations was interesting, the best thing being that you could not tell the difference between the original and robotic version.
  4. Blaze the Cat, Sonic Rush â?? There are 2 versions of Blaze â?? one that appeared in Sonic Rush and the other in 2006, Sonic Hedgehog game. She was one reason why the 2006 version was tolerable. Add to this, the fact that she was well-liked because of her noble and positive traits. She just kept moving.
  5. Bean the Dynamite, Sonic the Fighters â?? Sonic the Fighters starred all the big characters of the games. It had a character, Bean the Dynamite, who was an insane bird. A weak fighter, his main reliance was on projectile attacks using bombs and explosives to cause damage. Now just imagine! What if he teamed up with Nice Holystone!


These are some of the characters that most Sonic fans would love to see again. Once these characters begin to appear more often, there are good chances that gaming freaks wouldnâ??t mind playing sonic games 365 days of the year. Of course, this list does not even begin to cover all the favorite characters but it is a start. If you add all of them, then it would be a big list.


Eru Jones is a gaming enthusiast and a technology freak. She loves playing sonic games on sonicgames365.com.


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