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The applications for Android based gadgets keep on developing from time to time. The applications come in vast numbers and huge varieties â?? gaming apps, music apps, money apps, food apps, travel apps, shopping apps, kids apps and a whole lot more. There is a massive competition between third party app developers who constantly strive to offer newer apps.

These applications can be downloaded from Google Play website or other third party websites. This article describes some of the latest apps for Android. Read along to know about them.

Latest Android apps

Given below is a description of the stunning new Android apps:

1.) Savored â?? This is a brilliant app which can enable you to get around 40% off on your bills at a large number of fascinating restaurants. Whenever you want to dine out, just enter a particular location and your preferred time and the application will present a list of restaurants before you. You can make reservations directly from your gadget Savored users will be able to get discounts at these restaurants. Thus, you can save a lot of money on sumptuous meals by using this application. Moreover, application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play website.


2.) CoinKeeper â?? CoinKeeper is an extremely functional application for planning your savings and budget. By adding your monetary details, you can make use of this application to track your spending and obtain a better control over your finances. You can obtain exact information about how your money has been spent. Further, youâ??ll receive notifications regarding recurring transactions and bill payments. With the help of this app, you can set major financial goals and save money for meeting them.


3.) Turntable.fm â?? Turntable.fm is a fun music app. Become a DJ and play songs along with your friends and other Turntable.fm users. Every DJ will get a chance to play a song of his choice. This will be heard by everyone in the virtual room. The users can vote for the songs they like and the ones they donâ??t. A song can get skipped if it receives a lot of negative votes. You can also chat with the other users and make new friends.


4.) Highway Rider â?? If youâ??ve a love for speed, then youâ??ll love this fabulous game. Ride your bike in high speed and overtake other vehicles in order to obtain high scores. Try your best not to crash. The riders can be customized as per choice.


5.) Machinarium â?? Help Josef the robot save his girlfriend in this award winning game. There are mini-games, quests, puzzles and brain teasers, which are played to get rid of the evil Black Cap Brotherhood Robots. The characters and backgrounds are stunning to view, while the game can be very gripping.


The applications described above are some of the most wonderful and latest apps for Android. The developers of these apps use high-end techniques to produce fascinating applications.


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