5 Lego Robots You Can Control with Your Phone

Android controlled Lego robots

Have you noticed that slowly but surely smartphones are taking over the world?

As we progress further and further into this millennium, the grasp that smartphones have over us is getting tighter by the day; as we rely on them more than ever. Through the use of clever apps and capabilities, androids, galaxies, iPhones and Windows phones alike can perform a range of different functions; from to ordering your weekly groceries. Of course, one brand has not been left by the wayside with the dominance of smartphones, brick by brick building on utilising innovative technology; LEGO.

Lego always have found a way to update their market to their technological surroundings, especially by using robotics; appealing to wider and older market. Using apps such as iNXT for iPhone or MINDdroid for android, LEGO users worldwide are able to remotely control their creations from their mobile devices. Here are the top five LEGO robots chosen by legolandholidays.co.uk that you can control from your phone.



Well, now this is a bit special â?? when something is called the â??shooterbotâ?? you know itâ??s going to be pretty darn cool. A father and son utilise an android phone as a remote, taking control of the mean machine as it darts around the wooden floor and fires a ball to demonstrate its capabilities.

NXT Remote Control Application


This video shows the LEGO Mindstorm NXT robot being controlled via android using Bluetooth functionality. The app is called â??NXT remote controlâ??; and as you can see, can be utilised in a variety of interesting ways.



Who wouldnâ??t want to take control of one of the most loved characters from Star Wars? Here we see R2D2 being controlled by a mobile phone.

Walking the Line


By combining an android phone camera with a Lego Mindstormâ??s robot, this LEGO enthusiast shows it is possible to make a robot follow a dark black line. Clever stuff!

Robot Fight (Scorpion vs Robogator)


This is similar to the popular TV show robot wars, but on a smaller scale. In this video witness a robot scorpion go toe to toe with a robot alligator (aptly named Robogator). Both of these robots can be remote controlled using the apps.

Even though functionality is currently basic, it is only the beginning for mobile phone controlled robots. It wouldnâ??t be silly to suggest that in the future, just a simple tap on your iPhone would send a LEGO robot whizzing around to do your chores or fetch you a drink. We can dreamâ?¦


Image from: idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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