5 Incredible Apps That Will Make Photography More Interesting than Aliens Invading New York City

Do you consider photography as one of your favorite hobbies?

Are you a professional photographer? Or do you enjoy clicking random photos of friends and family on outings or photos of nice sceneries and compositions from your phone?

Well, the art of photography just got more exciting with the inconceivable amount of smart phone applications available for you to play around with. Whether itâ??s about adding features and special effects, cropping, editing, adjusting color and brightness, or simply adding text, graphics and balloons â?? thereâ??s literally nothing that a smart phone app canâ??t help you with. Here is a list of a few such impressive apps, along with brief descriptions:

Photoshop Express (available on Android and iPhone)

This brilliant app by Adobe allows you to quickly edit and share photos from your phone. It lets you use simple gestures to fix flaws in a flash. You can rotate, crop, straighten and flip images really fast. It has got simple controls that let you add borders, filters, frames and other effects by simple one-touch gestures and share photos with friends and followers on social networking sites.

Instagram (available on Android and iPhone)

Debatably one of the most popular photo apps, Instagram has one of the most user-friendly interfaces and a vast range of gorgeous vintage filters, borders and photo-editing effects that can be instantly implemented on any photo. Moreover, its popularity on social networking sites makes Instagram a simple and fun way to share your creative photos with friends and family. Definitely one of the best app, Instagram deserves a â??thumbs upâ?.

Photosynth (available on iPhone)

This app is arguably the handiest app for creating panoramic photos. Not only side to side, but you can also pan it up and down creating a full circle. Photosynth lets you do this flawlessly in a very simple and easy way. You can also share your panoramic creations online with friends.

Photo Editor â?? Fotolr (available on Android and iPhone)

Fotolr is a remarkable app dedicated to professional image processing. You can make incredible photo effects and modifications on the image such as changing hair color, adding make-up, removing acne and blemishes, whitening teeth, face and body trimming etc. It also has some amazing options to add text, enhance color, add frames, scenes, portraits, graffiti, and perform quick editing.

Cartoon Camera (available on Android and iPhone)

A fun app developed by Fingersoft, Cartoon Camera allows you to see the world in the form of a cartoon.  The app modifies the image slightly by enhancing the edges with dark lines so as to create a cartoon or comic like image. Interestingly, it lets you do all this and apply filters to the image in real-time as you see it. So download this free app to have some fun and live your life in a cartoon.

So if you are into professional photography or you love taking photographs as a hobby, or for that matter, if youâ??re simply looking to throw some life into the photos that you already have to make them look more interesting and creative, these are a few outstanding apps that youâ??re simply going to love and enjoy using.

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Shelly Cristo is a travel blogger. She is also passionate about wildlife photography. She has listed the names of some of the famous professional photographers in Brisbane on one of her travel photography blogs.

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