4 Chrome Extensions For Web-savvy Music Addicts

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Who doesnâ??t love listening to music? We all love music â?? no matter what background one comes from, music is one universal language that is enjoyed by all. Moreover, thanks to technology, our age has witnessed a revolutionary journey as far as listening to music is concerned â?? right from the days of radios and gramophones, to the days of cassettes and CDâ??s, to finally computers, laptops, mp3 players, and now, smart phones. With majority of these recent devices, the internet has been the most important medium of downloading and listening to music. We all love tuning into our favorite music video websites every now and then, to enjoy some good music, donâ??t we? Well then take your enjoyment level a note higher by downloading these four cracking extensions for your Chrome browser.

Google Play Music

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If youâ??re someone who canâ??t do without music, Google Play Music is one chrome extension that you shouldnâ??t miss downloading.  Essentially, Google Play Music is a cloud storage platform that allows you to store up to 20,000 songs in your play list, which you can access sitting in any corner of the world, from your desktop, laptop, or any android compatible phones or tablets. Besides, the extension has a very straightforward interface and lets you manage and even customize your music playlist seamlessly.


Finding and downloading good music from the internet just got easier thanks to ExtentionFM. This brilliant extension pretty much has a mind of its own. While youâ??re busy surfing the net, ExtensionFM is busy locating great music and mp3 files from whichever sites you visit â?? automatically. So basically, it locates good tunes and lets you come back and have a look, and whatever tune you listen to gets added onto your ExtenionFM library. It has a beautiful interface that lets you filter your playlist according to the site, artist, album name, and so on. Furthermore, it also lets you link in with your Tumblr, Twitter, and Last.fm accounts in order to share your uploads and playlists with friends and family.


While surfing the web, do you keep going back to YouTube to watch your favorite music videos? If yes, then Zazoo is something that youâ??re going to love. Taking your YouTube music video viewing experience to a different level altogether, Zazoo is a brilliant Chrome extension that adds so many interesting aspects to the music videos that you are view on YouTube. Right from on-video synchronized lyrics to on-screen song guitar chords, to background information on the artist, to information on upcoming concerts and events, to photos, related videos, latest tweets and news related to the artist and much more, Zazoo is an extension that has it all!

Turn Off the Lights

While viewing your favorite music videos online on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on, do you often wish you could enjoying watching the video as if you were watching it at the cinema hall? Thanks to Turn Off the Lights â?? yet another incredible Chrome extension, this might almost be possible! This is a free extension for your Chrome browser, which lets you focus on the video that you are watching, by darkening the entire screen apart from the video. This is amazing since it minimizes distractions and makes the viewing extremely pleasant.

Harry Fulton is a music lover and owns a music shop. With the tremendous advances in technology, music instruments have undergone a sea change and so has the technology used for listening he feels. He cites cordless headset as a classic example of it.

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